If the Democrats win both Georgia seats will Joe Manchin become the second most powerful person in Government?

After taking a cursory look at Joe Manchin’s voting record it seems to me that he’s one of (likely) the few members of Congress who is genuinely moderate and down the middle. From what I can tell right now it doesn’t look like he supports things like packing the court, increasing the number of states, amnesty, etc. What are others thoughts on this?

He will sell out WV in a heart beat.


Man him will definitely be a swing Senator.

McConnell knew how to deal with those types in his ranks.

Remains to be seen…if Dems get the Senate…if Schumer can do the same.

I disagree with this premise completely.

With the OP or with JayJay?

The OP. The article.

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Could you elaborate further?

Where has he done that in the past?

Sure. Pressure and a release. To what pressure do pols respond? What is the release of that pressure?

Now, how much of that pressure can justice democrats bring to bear as opposed to Manchin?

There are twice as many people in Brooklyn as the whole state of West Virginia.

AOC can put them in the streets, on the tv. Can Manchin?

And The Squad will stick together. Who has Manchin’s back?

Without the 17th, maybe. With it? He’s better off switching parties.

When has he had to?

What percent of the country believes we should have more supreme court justices? What percent of the country believes that Puerto Rico and DC should be granted statehood? What percent of the country believes in Open Borders and Amnesty? Are you saying Joe Manchin supports all that?

He has already said that he will be opposed to anything “crazy” like packing the courts or ending the legislative filibuster.
He is up for re election again in 2022. If he sells out WV, he is gone.
Democrats can put pressure on him but then he goes over to Republicans and asks what they can do for him if he switches.
And if he switches, even if Dems take both seats in Georgia, hello McConnell, goodbye Schumer.

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Could you be more specific?

From what I have been able to tell, Manchin is pretty much down to middle and could really fit in easily as a Republican. It will be very interesting to see how he votes if after Georgia it’s 50/50.

Manchin could switch parties like Justice did

Not at all. I’m sure he doesn’t. I’m saying the pressure he can bring pales in comparison to that of AOC.

When has he ever had to choose?

No he will follow orders from Shumer to the tee with no questions asked.

I’m still not following you? Don’t Senators follow the polling in their home states specifically on contentious votes? Why the ■■■■ would JM care about what the radical liberals in NY want?

Didn’t he vote for Bret Kavenaugh who Schumer said was a rapist?