If it makes you happy!

What is one true honest, pure thing that really makes you happy in life?

I have my cat. He’s black and white. Cute as a button! Loves laying on his back on a regular basis with his feet curled up to his chest. His name is Mr. Boots, and he’s my buddy.


Mr. BootsWIN_20180609_15_09_31_Pro

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I would have to say, too, my cat is the one thing that makes me truly happy. She’s companionable, doesn’t ask for too much, and loves unconditionally.

She’s kind of got a funny story, too. She’s totally black, & I got her in the Northeast Animal Shelter, which is in Salem, Massachusetts.

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My grandchildren.

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My cat waiting for Me to get out of the shower.

He’s a bit bigger now. About 46 inches without the tail, 15-18 lbs. But he’s a low rider cat…stubby legs. :smile:

Just to think, he only has four more years of growth left!

But he follows Me around like a dog and purs whenever petted. Most Maine Coons act this way though.


How do you edit a post? He is about 26 inches, not 46. Sheesh.

He’s beautiful!

Yeah, my cat is very companionable & sometimes follows me around like a dog, even likes her belly rubbed like a dog.

We call her the “cadog”.


Our pups this photo is a few years old
The pit is a lot fatter now last vet check she was 106 pounds
the english pointer is bigger too hes right at 55 pounds

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They’re beautiful! Dogs & cats make happy, followed by observing nature.

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Since Pink died earlier this year, she was 20, I’ve got just Buttons … he’s a champagne grey tuxedo shorthair.

I’m sorry about Pink


Yeah, I miss her. And her daughters (she survived her kittens, Little Bit died early '16, Furball in late '09). They were all super cuddly affectionate girls.


That’s what I love about animals so much. Each have their own very unique personalities.
They bring so much happiness and joy into our lives and expect very little in return.

Art makes me happy also. I can just get lost in art. I mean pictures and paintings of course.
But there are several different aspect of art of course. I also enjoy writing poetry and philosophies. I can only afford pictures and paintings worth like 5-25 bucks per picture/painting, but I find was long as it speaks to you, that is all that matters in thee end.

soaking chocolate chip sugar free cookies in milk. it’s very good!

had me up until you said sugar free

I found this once at a thrift store. I thought it was sooo neat to find old advertisements on the back of a tiny little picture.WIN_20180802_12_54_27_Pro

I enjoy collecting pictures and painting from thrift stores. Nothing to fancy. Most I ever paid for one picture was like 20 bucks I think, but mostly all I can afford is around the 10-15 dollar range per picture/painting. It’s not the price to me, it’s that I hang them all over my walls, and my house is filled with them, and they make me happy, and brighten up my walls.WIN_20180802_12_59_06_ProWIN_20180802_12_57_40_ProWIN_20180802_12_59_50_Pro

I needed to see this thread. Thankyou for making it. Let’s see…things that make me happy. This is hard, but I’ve written down a list over the past hour or so.

  1. Animals- they treat you honestly and are great companions. They can be very intuitive. And they don’t talk, so you don’t have to worry about them saying something mean or judgemental :slight_smile: I wish I had a pet of my own.

  2. Lucy, my stuffed leukocyte. Because a stuffed leukocyte with big eyes is adorable and cool. And a little freaky.

  3. My dad- he’s been there for me, despite a few instances, and he supports and guides me. I’m lucky to have him.

  4. Music. Music heals the heart, mind and soul. It is through music and the other arts that one expresses what makes us human- emotions, passions, successes, tragedies, etc. Where would we be without it?

  5. Art. For the same reasons as music.

  6. Reading a good book. To engross yourself into the epic of another, of a story…it’s like a drug. It provides an escape, and happiness, at least for a little while.

  7. The long summer days. I can sit under a tree (when I’m not recovering from surgery), and reflect, read, or take a nap. I enjoy it while I can.

  8. Autumn. The changing of the leaves, the cool, crisp air, and the scent of cinnamon and sandalwood.