If it makes you happy!

I love animals, and years ago, use to volunteer part-time for about a year at a no-kill animal shelter. Those are some pretty great things, that make you happy. Thank you for sharing.

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My Uncles Birthday wasn’t to far back. We had a really nice strawberry cheesecake for his Birthday. Now Cheesecake is my favorite dessert, but for several days, I let it sit in my fridge, so he could have the majority of it. I was also really happy to sing him Happy Birthday. Because one thing I remember growing up, that was always a really great memory, was that no matter where I was, or how busy I was, or who I was with, my Grandma either in person, or on the phone would sing me happy Birthday!

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I really enjoy cooking. I’m trying to get into baking, but that seems a little bit harder for me.
I don’t know what it is. It’s like going into my own world so to speak of serenity and peace when I cook. My worries just fade away. It’s like art to me, mixed with a smile, some basil, some Mrs. Dash(depending on what I’m cooking), and just doing my own thing. I also love, breakfast foods, bacon, cheese, and peanut butter.

Sometimes I just like to mix a bunch of random foods together, just to see how it all tastes! To see if I can create something new that I’ll love! for me ya can’t go wrong with a good steak and some taters. But everyone is different in their tastes.

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Agree with you about Autumn. Best season of the year, especially for a desert dweller desperate for a break from the summer heat.


One of the Joy’s of my life is my wife. We just celebrated our 30th. She isn’t as cuddly as my cat, but of course I didn’t rescue her from certain death like I did my cat Mouki, aka Dryer Sheet, or as my wife calls him Mr. Lint.


Congrats on your 30th. Mr. Lint looks pretty cute.

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He is a cuddle bunny with me, no one else. He comes up on my lap when I am out watching TV and insists on being held. He comes in when I go to bed and snuggles up as tight as he can get against my chest and either shares my pillow or lays his head on my arm.

He is behind my computer right now, he thinks reaching around and stretching his paws out across the keyboard is great fun.

He is 10 years old this August. Weighs 12 pounds. He was a farm kitten I rescued. The vet says he has Maine Coon in him. My wife is convinced he has demons in him.



I do very much love Autumn as well. They were the best when I lived in Massachusetts. Love the laid-back autumn days, the rustle of the first leaves that have fallen, the richness of colors of those still on the trees, the scent and sense one gets that summer has broken.

I was in New England several Octobers ago. The riot of color surrounding us as we drove to Walden Pond was glorious. Something a lifetime in Southern Arizona doesn’t prepare you for. :wink:

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I lived in Phoenix for years and the Imperial Valley in So Cal just across the border. Before that I was in the Illinois, Michigan, Indiana area. So going from there to the low and high desert was a nature culture shock. I did fall in love with the desert though and was lucky enough to get out there several times when the cacti were in bloom…AWESOME!

Then we moved from Phoenix to just outside Boston Massachusetts. OMG I had never seen such glorious colors as I did in the autumn there. It was incredible!

Cool, I too have been to Walden Pond, we got there just soon after the trees started changing, it was so peaceful and quiet. We went on a week day. Nothing like it.

Now I am back in high desert country here in Idaho, no fall foliage watching down here in this valley.


I love food.

Didn’t see this until now.


Mouki is a cutie pie!

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Thanks! :smile:

Stimulating my brain intellectually, make me really happy.

Unfortunately, most of the time, it seems like I can’t do it that often, unless I’m around very
intelligent people.


That’s a nightmare I have!

Fishing. Owning 20 acres out in the middle of now where on the back back roads, maybe in
Oklahoma, or Kansas.

build a little pond, and take a paddle boat out on it. Lay with someone special next to me, holding hands, looking up at the stars.

Get married, have some little ones, start a family. serenity