If I see Jordan or Comer on Hannity one more time, I'll barf

Are you speaking for yourself too?

What Hunter Biden did is gross but there is no evidence of it being illegal.

If Congress was using this time to craft legislation to limit nepotism and profiting off being related to a politician then I would be 100% with them.

They aren’t doing that though.


The many crimes of Joe Biden will be in an interim report.


The report will be called kraken 2 - tentacles of doom.

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no, it was started while he was still the vp.

It was being put together in May of 2017 and eventually fell apart because Bobulinski brought in a Russian oligarch and Hunter Biden walked away from it.

bwahahahaha… OMG. that’s some funny ■■■■■ Who makes up these fantasies?

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Bobulinski tried to bring in Viktor Vekelsberg and the Sinohawk deal fell apart leading Hunter and James Biden to do a deal with CEFC.

So even if Joe Biden was the “big guy”… the deal was happening when he was a private citizen and it fell apart anyway.

But I know… strip it of all context and it sounds really scary.

strip it of context?

Dude, you’re funny. Hunter never met an oligarch he didn’t try to deal with and Hunter didn’t walk away from anything.

The deal was being put together when Biden was still VP, it was being actuated after he was out of office. That’s the context.

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It’s a matter of record that Hunter Biden blew up at Bobulinski when he tried to get Vekelsberg in on the deal. No one disputes this.

It wasn’t. It just wasn’t. The deal was being put together in May 2017. That was when they were working out the terms of who gets what. And even that didn’t happen. The Big Guy got 10% of $0.00.

thats not true

it was, it just was. These kind of deals don’t happen at one meeting or quickly, they take months to put in place

Okay… then why did the Sinohawk deal fall apart? You tell me.

Then give the proof… not the vibes. The deal was being put together almost five months into Joe Biden being a private citizen. That is literally months that you talk about. If there is proof that Joe Biden was part of the deal prior to Jan 20 2017… then show it.