If I see Jordan or Comer on Hannity one more time, I'll barf

as long as the head of the senate is corrupt

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We know how they got their millions but apparently they will never be accountable in this life.

The next life is probably going to be quite different for them.

In order for it to get to the senate the house has to vote.

Blame everyone but the actual people making the accusations.


They who? :joy:. Who cares how they made their money. It’s only about the President. Or is it?


Republicans tried, unsuccessfully, to turn Biden into a Boogeyman like they did with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Biden just doesn’t have that image.

Biden’s character is…unimpeachable. Not everyone loves him, but it’s difficult to find rabid hatred of him.

Sure, Hunter Biden and James Biden seem like opportunists, even sleazy opportunists, but that is not a crime, and so is Jared Kushner, and Ivanka and Don Jr. and Don Jr’s wife, etc. etc.

If there was ANY EVIDENCE of a Joe Biden crime, even a sniff of one, we would have heard all about it.

There wasn’t. There isn’t.


the house did vote

Good reply

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Yes. I have the receipts right here in my back pocket.
But I would just use the banking records.

Do you want to know what the big guy got ten percent for? Do you want to know why they needed 20 shell companies? What Biden’s family did to earn millions from foreign companies? Why he forced the firing of a foreign prosecutor who was prosecuting Burisma? Do you have any curiosity as to why these things happened? Or are you simply assuming that your zombie is a perfect angel?

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The discussion is about Biden. You drew the parallel to mayorkas but the difference is that the house never voted on Biden


:joy:. Private enterprise is only for people we support


I do.

I have absolutely no problem with the investigation.

I second the idea that if he committed crimes he should be run out of office.

But it became obvious a while ago that Joe Biden didn’t commit any crimes.

The last several months have just been about trying to smear him.

And it hasn’t been very successful.


I’m shocked: I figured the GOP would be able to gin up something on a guy who’s been around so long, who mouths off, who used to be the standard bearer of gaffe-itude before we decided to have no standards. The whole “Biden Crime Family” angle was a an early tell.

The same people turned Barack Obama, a home-brewing dork who interviewed Marilyn Robinson and puts Dijon mustard on his hamburgers, into some Marxist Islamist Black-Power Terrorist-enjoyer. At this point, I’m thinking: Biden must be less corrupt than I assumed.


Why do you think they’ve done nothing?

Hint: There is a reason.

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Good answer!


But if they’re all talk, then Joe isn’t a low life.

And Republicans go into the election looking weak, limpen, do nothing liars.

Works for me :smile:


I agree. It’s the same with the 2020 election. Most of us were open to evidence, procedures, and standards that we all (I assumed) agreed upon. I don’t want presidents of any party elected through massive voter fraud.

But it seems like the GOP is less interested in trying any particular case conscientiously, and more interested in destroying our previous standards of evidence and procedures. It’s like you’re playing a game, and while the other team is trying to “win,” they’re even more invested in killing all the referees and making sure no one believes in the rule book anymore.


That is a pretty apt summary

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That’s why I get paid the Big Money.


Can you please name drop me or something. I haven’t gotten a raise for posting here in years. It’s baffling