If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why......?

If Global Warming is real, then why…….?

So many things could be written here to contradict Global Warming, as well as, if it is real, why do the Democrat Politicians contradict themselves?

Please feel free to add your own thoughts on why or why not, you think that it is or isn’t real. Also feel free to add any contradictions for or against Global Warming as well.

Why does a State ran by Democrat Politicians(California) have so much pollution, and sickness, and yet nothing is done about it by the Democrat Politicians? The homeless population is out of control in California. Is this what the Democrat Politicians think is paradise, and keep promising to the American people? The Homeless have drug addictions, and are peeing and pooping all over. Does that sound like a place that you’d like to live near or by? Where there is hazardous wastes all over?

If Global Warming is real, then why do Democrats want to control the schooling system and support it? I mean, there’s all of that paper and pencils that get destroyed each year. Just think about how many millions of papers and pencils are used each year, and how many forests it takes over time to produce that many papers for schooling?


Libs don’t want to fix things…if it’s fixed then they can’t complain. :wink:


True. But what would Democrat Politicians, the Liberal Mainstream Media, and Liberal activists have to campaign on, or talk about if they couldn’t complain, or whine about things?

They might actually get some work done. :smirk:

They don’t want to fix things…they want to expand the damage so they can use that as excuse to expand goverment…and thus greater control.

And what are your thoughts about what this thread is on?

True. And what I don’t think that the American people understand, especially Millennials, is that once the Liberal Democrat Politicians do certain things, we can’t go back, because the damage will already be done, and America will never be the same again. Especially when it comes to things of morality.

Example: When certain states flip from Republican to Democrat, it would be nearly impossible to be able to flip them back.
Compared to: If a Democrat state goes Republican a couple of times overall, it could go either way, and back and fourth.

Why do so many Republican states get less Electoral College votes, compared to Liberal States? Ultimately it takes more states to win Republican wise, compared to liberals winning, and yet overall the Republican states Cover more of the mass of the United States. Presidential voting wise.
How that makes any sense, is beyond me.

They are too busy trying to hide from the problem to address it.

Democrat Politicians and the Liberal Fake News Media are professionals at that.

Thats partially correct. They don’t want to fix things. However, the reason is silly. They don’t fix things, because if they did there would be no promises to make to keep voters voting for them. If nothing is broken anymore the politician can’t blame the other side either.

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If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why……?

Why would that matter? If Global Warming is real, wouldn’t it effect more than just California? Wouldn’t all of that pee and poop and garbage laying around from the homelessness effect more than just California?

Now they want to get rid of electoral college because it interferes with they majority. Until we can break into there enclaves and free the people from stronghold they have over them it will continue.

Are you talking about Democrat Politicians, and democrat voters?

I ask that, because Trump made promises, and is keeping a lot of them, and his base is still going to re-elect him because of it.

Right. And Mexico’s paying for that wall. Promise made and broken. It was the number one promise he made that got him elected.

Yes. Unfortunately, the younger generation thinks that the Liberal party is the party of freedom, and freedom to express oneself, but in reality it’s about oppressing Freedom, and telling people what to do, and controlling them.

From a strategic stand point, it’s actually quite genius how they’re going about tricking/brainwashing their victims into believing them and voting for them.
From a moral stand point………Is something else entirely.

So was Trump suppose to get all of his promises kept within the first minute after he was sworn in, in a Democrats perfect logic world? lol.

Because in my book, he’s kept more promises, than mostly any other politician has, or do. Most of them are simply lazy, and say one thing and do another.

Yes, Mexico is paying for the wall in Cash. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Well, that’s what Democrats seem to try and make it seem like. No! It’s called making deals! and dealing with what we owe them money wise.

Example: What America owes Mexico money wise minus(-) the wall of that, and you get a lesser amount of money, of what we owe them. Math. lol. That would ultimately be Mexico paying for the wall.

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If global warming is real then why do we have homeless people?


He hasn’t quite kept them all but he’s certainly made a good effort to that end.

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So this is the new bar? Unless you live in a given city or state you can’t speak about what’s going on there?


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Because of the Constitution.

Nope. No I don’t. I probably shouldn’t be able to have an opinion on it then, right?
Perhaps another Democrat trying to oppress a Conservative, and someone else’s speech? lol.

You know…….:thinking: I never saw it that way before. You’ve changed my mind on a lot of things. From now on, if I don’t know something first hand, and have seen it first hand, I won’t try to have an opinion on it. At least as a Conservative. Do Liberals every have “opinions” on things, that they know nothing about, or haven’t been through first hand? lol.

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