If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why......?


You’re making baseless assumptions that he hasn’t and that’s not the bar you set.

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Don’t worry, the rising oceans will sweep the streets clean.


Now they want to start teaching kids as young as 5 about climate change, what they’re actually doing is grooming these kids for social molestation.

If they are so confident that they’re on righteous path…then why such grooming at early age?


Only concept you need to know about global warming is you are going to die


That’s the skeaky requirement.

Teaching kids science… oh the horror!!!

Carpe diem redux.

that’s politics. not science

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Politics is about what the solution is… not arguing reality.

There is one side who is really afraid that there will be a “wrong” solution so they buried their own studies and got enough people to deny what is happening that we have had decades of inaction and now whatever the solution will be is going to be more expensive.



there is no “science” associated with any “solution” unless you can show me where trillions of dollars confiscated from productive people refreezes ice caps or gets rid of hurricanes

I can tell from this post that there is no need to have a serious discussion.

When there is a serious discussion to be had, then I will treat it as so.

oh i’m serious

are you serious about Miami disappearing in a few years? certain socialist politicians sure are. i’d love to see the science behind that

i bet the kids would too

By 2100 the sea levels are expected to rise 10 to 12 feet.

That would cover much of South Florida, including Miami.

Now… will Humans have to abandon Miami? Doubtful… but there will be a lot of money and wealth that is going to be spent to mitigate the damage.

they are also NOT expected to rise that much or at all beyond the average for the past millennia

teaching children (and child brained adults) one side of the story to convince them to fork over trillions is not science

So how much are sea levels expected to rise by 2100?

The man made Global Warming scare is a hoax, it’s a lie that has gone around the world and the only thing green about this scam is the color of money! It’s a way to tax citizens literally to death and a path to authoritarian control. In the United States we are on the 4th iteration of a 10 year warning when the globe has not warmed in over 20 years but yet the continuous warnings can go on in perpetuity as generation after generation gets hooked and scared out of their wits with this lie.

And the masterminds pushing the GW hoax are the same ones who jet around the world polluting the air and allow what is going on in liberal controlled cities with colonies of homeless whose feces, urine, hypodermic needle filth is dumped in rivers that go out into the ocean.

Just as Democrats have exposed themselves as Socialists, the GW fraudsters have exposed themselves as well.

The ocean rise is a big deal. Majority of civilization is near the coast and thus are the centers of trade and economy. Imagine the seaports, airports and such being underwater. Then just imagine all the pollution thrust into the ocean due to the coastal inundation. The oceans are severely altered and gone.

This is the thing that strikes me the most in these climate threads. We have this sort of argument now that the climate changes and somehow it’s awesome no big deal but that perception is due to a complete lack of imagination of what the changes entail.

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acc to whom?

I highly doubt that is being taught in class. Likely they stick to the science of global warming.