If a Democrat was president now and was acting like Trump, would R's be trying to impeach him/her?

Almost too easy a question to predict the answer. But I’ve created a poll. Let’s see where this one goes.

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Don’t know

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You can find a handful of kooks calling for impeachment of every president but nothing he’s done in office violates his oath or The constitution.


We don’t have to guess, every day felt like Obama was assaulting America and its culture.

In fact, I felt as bad about Obama on a daily basis, that left loons feel about now about Trump.

But the thought of impeaching never crossed my mind. Even if the found his Kenyan BC, it knew it was too late. I wanted him beat in the next election, and Romney sure blew it.

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All we have to do is go back to Clinton for the answer…which is yes…

Again…Clinton…you are wrong…as usual…no I dont care about your response

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No criminal case was brought against clinton during his term in office. He was found guilty of civil contempt in a civil proceeding.

His only punishments were civil in nature, no criminal penalties were included.

As usual you have no idea what you are talking about.

I believe Slick Willie also had his law licence revoked.

To answer the OP, impeachment is supposed to be for high crimes and misdomeanors. As of now, there is nothing to impeach Trump for.


Another civil penalty, not criminal. It was suspended for 5 years if I remember right rather than being revoked.

No, he was impeached for lying to a federal judge in a civil case.

Articles of impeachment 1998. Subject President Clinton.


You only need to look at Bill Clinton’s terms as president, the details surrounding his impeachment, and then everything Trump has done to understand that there is no doubt that Republicans would have impeached by now. Both houses? Not one doubt.

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Give us a list of the impeachable offenses committed by Trump in office.

People tried to impeach Obama because they though he was born in Kenya.

its right beside the list of impeachable offenses by Obama.

So as usual you simply made it up.

People have tried to impeach most of the presidents that have served at one time or another.

When was Obama impeached? What happened in the house?

They’d be on the impeachment train immediately after election if the Democrat made any sort of “■■■■■” comment. The porn star would put them over the top. Talking about taking away licenses for news organizations would send them clawing up the wall.

Fox News would give them their narrative, and they would repeat it without variation for thousands of posts.

Plus, it would feed in to their odd notion of being morally superior to libs.

Not one doubt.

The poll, of course, will show that.

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Explain this please

Get Trump before the grand jury, you’ll have him on 100 counts of perjury.

As much as I’d like to see if. No one is trying to impeach Trump yet. So no. I don’t think anyone would be trying to impeach a Trump acting Democrat.