Idiot pelosi Doesn't Care If Impeachment Costs dimocrats the House, And Her Job

This moron is running another fake scam on the American people. She has nothing, and will only lie to people to try and convince them trump did something wrong.

Yeah go ahead nancy and lose the house while setting a precedent that you can impeach a president for just any reason. Watch out then president biden.

They couldn’t get trump with their phony russian collusion hoax and now they are gonna pay the price when people realize how stupid this all was.

But go ahead. newt would have had it done by now. He wasn’t weak like the idiot pelosi.


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Trump did nothing wrong.

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Read the damn transcript!!!

The dimocrats and the lying media have twisted everything trump has said all along. Their tds and hatred has fueled this entire thing.

You wait until bidengate all plays out and the stupid dimocrats regret supporting the corrupt bidens stealing $$Millions from Ukraine and $$Billions from china?



Good to see you’re finally coming around.

Same as Boris Johnson has done nothing wrong?

Democrats aren’t losing the house.

For once, I actually respect Pelosi for having the backbone to do what she thinks is the right thing. I may not necessarily agree that it’s the right thing to do, but at least she’s finally standing up for something.

I wish to hell the Republican Party had developed the same backbone in the 2015 / 2016 primaries and taken Trump seriously early enough to stop his campaign dead in it’s tracks. We’d be a lot better off with a Republican president that actually had leadership abilities. And the Republicans might still control the House if that had been the case.


Pelosi’s an idiot? That’s why Trump caved to her when he threw his temper tantrum and shut down the government over his bogus wall fiasco.

His National Emergency declaration? Done, over. He got no new wall built.

Pelosi won.

Now she’s got Trump spinning in circles with pending impeachment.

Pelosi is winning again.

I will when we actually see it…


You will never see it.


This is basically a blustering personal attack on the President’s opponents, at one with the President’s own whining about “savages”.

The point of all this bluster is to distract attention from the President actions and how incredibly inappropriate they are to the office of the President and our Republic.

Bluster away. Information like Trump’s statements to Lavrov are showing that the cover-up documented in the Mueller Report is starting to crumble, leaving team Trump with nothing but bluster.

It’s going to be REAL interesting to see records/witnesses come forward on the Ukraine decision to stop cooperating with Mueller last year… Kurt Volker’s resignation might become clearer…

You respect pelosi?.

She’s out there saying she’s “prayerful and mournful” about impeachment. She’s more phony than ever and you respect her??


pelosi hasn’t won anything. She can’t even take a flight without trump’s approval.

trump has owned pelosi and the rest of her stupid party at every turn.

And he’s building the wall right now. He’ll probably get hundreds more miles approved in the next year alone.


Read the entire post, then read it again.

The full context MIGHT sink in - eventually.

You’ve already seen the transcript. The only transcript you’re ever going to see.

All of these same conspiracy theorists who kept saying “we need to see the transcript”, and then trump puts out the entire TRANSCRIPT and all we get is, “that’s not a transcript”.



I haven’t been keeping up. I saw one with ellipses. Did one follow without the ellipses?




I can’t believe they’re doing this.

The bidens will just keep getting away with their theft because ORANGE MAN BAD!!!

Them bitens and their correupt media partners hate this country and the American people.


What was released by the Whitehouse is not a transcript and doesn’t claim do be a transcript

That’s because what was released ISN’T a transcript and does not’ purport to be a transcript…

They are savages. This is so disgusting and frustreeaing.

The hate-filled rageous are making people blind when it comes to the orange man in the sky.