Idiot pelosi and Her Corrupt Cabal Have Stolen Congressional Representation From Millions of Americans

In order to fast track the impeachment of our president, nancy and her corrupt cabal have hijacked the process. This was supposed to go through a vote by The House of Representatives.

So instead of doing her job properly, this idiot has decided to take away the voice of the American people. We each only get one voice in The House of Representatives, and nancy pelosi put a muzzle on those voices.


Go through a vote? An impeachment inquiry is not an impeachment. The committees involved can decide they are working on an impeachment inquiry, no vote needed by the entire house.

Who decides the process for the house to launch an impeachment inquiry?

Electoral college already did that.


A faux attack on Pelosi was inevitable. Don’t change that channel - there’s so much more to come.

Wait until the real polling starts once the dimocrats investigation of yet another sham “scandal” plays out.

Just more nothingburters from the dimocrats attempting to deflect from the bidens corruption.


Don’t bother me with facts - THERE’S OUTRAGE TO BE HAD!


An impeachment inquiry is a lead up to a possible impeachment…or not. It’s not bypassing anything for the House…it’s collecting information for the House. The clue is use of the word “inquiry”.

Elections have consequences

Ot has already started and it’s going in the direction of impeachment

All those investigations into Obama’s Deepstate cabal has her freaking out to the point she doesn’t care, Trump and these investigations have to stop.

Civics 101

The House has to vote on articles of impeachment, the inquiry is the vehicle where those article are developed (or not) by the committee(s). Once the articles are passed out of committee, then the House as a whole votes to submit them to the Senate.

There is no Constitutional requirement to vote on starting an inquiry.

As a Republican I’m not a fan of Pelosi, but this is incorrect. Pelosi isn’t muzzling any voices, the American people and Trump supporters in the House are free to comment on the inquiry and if articles of impeachment are laid on the floor of the House for a vote they will get to vote.

But if you are going to claim the “millions” number remember:

  • Trump did not win the nomination with a majority during the Republican primaries, he got the nomination with a plurality. More people voted for someone other than Trump.
  • Trump did not win the Oval Office with a majority during the General Election. More people voted against him (i.e. for another candidate) and he won the EC by a fluke of 77,000 votes out of (IIRC) about 126,000,000.
  • Millions of Americans voted in 2018 to put the DEMs in charge of the House specifically because of Trump. The DEMs got 53.4% v. GOP 44.8% (about 10,000,000 votes more).

The worst thing that has happened to my party was the rise of Trump, we are supposed to be better than the DEMs.


Polling has started. It’s not going as you thought it would.

You can definitely feel how you never voted for Trump, aren’t a Trump supporter and don’t be defend him with these two threads.


Well of COURSE the Deep State fake news lib media says that, just like they said Clinton would win in 2016! The vast majority of Americans love Donald, both as a person and as a POTUS! :us:

There’s an increasing amount of that going around of late - “I don’t like him, I never voted for him, hell I’d like to see him impeached, BUT [insert ardent defense of Donald and Trumpism here].”


7 to 10 % point increases in most polls asking Americans who support impeachment inquiry,

Majority now approve of inquiry.


**[quote=“Weedhopper, post:13, topic:213763, full:true”]
All those investigations into Obama’s Deepstate cabal has her freaking out to the point she doesn’t care, Trump and these investigations have to stop.

TDS indeed

Ask Pelosi she’s the one losing it!