I will not vote for impotent Republicans

But I will vote straight party against corrupt democrats

Translation: I’m voting for every impotent Republican I can.


I used to vote straight Republican when I was young, but I don’t anymore. I will be voting Democrat for Congress and Senate this November.


Please, define impotent.

Nope, it was plain English. I am voting against democrats

I never voted straight ticket ever, I always wanted democrat or libertarian judges.

but after this this charade I will vote straight ticket.

Nail on the head!

powerless and unable to perform.

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Plain English, indeed:

Sounds like you’ll be sucking up to a large group of Republicans in desperate need of Cialis.


you read minds, are you Durbin?

unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.

“he was seized with an impotent anger”

synonyms: powerless · ineffective · ineffectual · inadequate · weak · useless ·



I do read minds, when I want to.

But no.

I am not Durbin.


Perhaps that was why Senator Lindsey Graham was so angry?


which senator are you, and do you believe me?

The flaccid GOP appreciates your continued support.


I see. Mark down bootz for only voting for impotent Republicans. I guess that would be all if them.

Jeff Flake didn’t seem quite as limpen as the rest of them yesterday.

Lucy, I am voting against corrupt democrats, why do you misrepresent me?

you corrupt my language, must be a dem

Flake is checking out at the end of his term. He can afford to show some turgidity.


I would rather vote for an impotent Republican than vote for a Demon Rat. Yes, I said Demon Rat. That’s what they are.