‘I WENT TOO FAR’: Peter Fonda Apologizes After Barron Trump ‘Kidnapping’ Threat | Sean Hannity

Hollywood actor Peter Fonda issued a public apology Wednesday night after viciously threatening Barron Trump on social media, saying he “went way too far” and “sincerely apologizes” for the outrageous remarks.

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I bet Peter did apologize, its against the law to threaten the family members of a standing president or president elect (see 18USC 871). He currently faces 5 years in the federal pen plus a hefty financial fine if prosecuted for his actions.

I’m sure he only apologized after he got a visit from the Secret Service. Deranged leftist are disgusting and incite violence against others and in this case it was the minor child of the President. POS & SOB hardly apples in his case because he is far worse.

He better get indicted and prosecuted.

Americans would like to know when these people that go far beyond free speech against the duly elected President of our country are going to get prosecuted for their Anti-American antics aimed specifically at the highest office in the land. I for one really want to know why we are not enforcing our laws. The 1% are changing this country at a rapid rate with their air time and donatable wealth where us as individuals can only donate around $5k.

Absolutely no reason to apologize. He did not say the HE wanted to do this. He was suggesting that this would be a good test of the resolve of the administration, just as people on this forum frequently decry the fact that legislators are many times exempt from the effects of their legislation. In order to be an illegal threat, it must have been “voluntarily and intentionally uttered them as a declaration of apparent determination to carry them into execution.” That would be impossible to prove in this case. Ragansky v. United States, 253 F 643, 645 (CA7 Ill 1918) (“A threat is knowingly made, if the maker of it comprehends the meaning of the words uttered by him; a foreigner, ignorant of the English language, repeating these same words without knowledge of their meaning, may not knowingly have made a threat. And a threat is willfully made, if in addition to comprehending the meaning of his words, the maker voluntarily and intentionally utters them as the declaration of an apparent determination to carry them into execution.”).

Not going to happen.

Social media should do this same thing to Fonda’s children and see how he likes it - the scum bag is still radical after all these years - probably promoting his new movie. Sick bastard.

Then “social media” will get arrested and thrown in jail too. Is that what you want?

Henry must be rolling in his grave wondering how his kids went so far off the track, really… Jane and then Peter? Two pos.