I want to know what Biden plans are defending our country if he loses in Nov

I want to know about all of those left-wing violent radical extremist that’s organizing, planning and training for violence at our Universities and college campus around our country from carrying out attacks against our communities.

We need to know on how he’s going to protect us from those violent extremist attacks.

People need to know what his regime plans are.

Asking for a friend.


Projecting again.


Trolling again?

People are concern what extremist violent left-wing fascist will do if Biden loses in Nov…and that’s valid concern IMO.

What’s justice department plans are? Oh wait…we know. Go after Trump and his supporters.


I think his plans ought to be to juice them up. Claim that the election was stolen. Doesn’t matter what the evidence shows, say it was stolen over and over and over. Get 'em real riled up. He ought to name specific election workers and falsely claim that that the did things to throw the election to get his crowd focused on specific people.

Keep repeating the stolen election lie. That is going to be real important.

After a couple months of that, he should encourage them to show up for the counting of the electoral votes. Tell them, “it’s going to be wild.”

When he gets them there he should say things like, “we’re going to take what they did to us on Nov. 3. We’re going to take it back.”

He should tell them to, “walk down to the Capitol. You have to show strength. You have to be strong.”

If Kamala doesn’t toss out some of the electoral votes, he should send a text to all the crazed violent left wingers that she’s not doing her job and she doesn’t have the guts to do what’s right.

Get them chanting “Hang Kamala Harris! Hang Kamala Harris!” throughout the halls of congress.

Granted, it wouldn’t be very original…


How far did they have to walk "down to the Capitol, from where he gave that speech? How far is it to the Capitol from the White House?


Biden won’t have to say or do anything…his supporters are already per-conditioned, programed.

What I want to know…and American people want to know what is he going to do to protect us.


Nice Story.

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I want to know what Biden will do to protect our country if Trump loses! We’ve already seen how they react. And it was violent.

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Lot less violent then summer of love.

I’m also sure radical violent left-wing extremist will show us how it’s done if Biden loses.


Left isn’t that organized.

What? Are you kidding me?


And while he is doing all of this publicly, he should be working to fake certify alternate electors in the states he lose and then devise a plan to put them in place of real electors.

Then he should have his team go to a state that he lost and attempt to steal voter information from actual voting machines.


Why would you have any expectation of protection? The standard has been set by his predecessor. The process will be to rile the crowds up and then sit on his hands for 3 or 4 hours.

Maybe somebody else will come along to help, but don’t expect anything from the President in a situation like this. We have precedent.


Summer of love was not because of an election loss.

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Are you libs gaslighting me if Biden loses there won’t be any violence in our streets and communities?


Don’t know…ask Maxine Waters.


It’ll probably be pretty serene until Biden whips them up into a frenzy with false allegations of a stolen election.


Biden won’t have to say or do anything…libs are already pre-programmed/condition.


I am 100% confident there will be no violence.

Protests are fine as long as they are peaceful. When property gets destroyed or people are hurt thats when it crosses the line.

About as much violence as after Hildawg lost.

Which will pale in comparison to the violence that will follow if Trump loses again. Do you deny it?

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