I thought Covid was no longer a threat?..Trump campaign seems worried about it

Its funny…How often have we heard from Trump that it time to reopen, the threat has passed. If there is no longer a threat, why is he worried about covering his ass from liability if someone catches it at his rally?

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I swear the Dems were no longer concerned about it when the riots started.


I swear the Dems said Trump was the most handsome and greatest president we’ve ever had.


So the protests weren’t encouraged? Interesting.

Couple more days and perhaps we’ll see?

There is a difference between someONE claiming they caught the Chinese Flu at a Trump rally and putting the campaign through the financial blood-letting of a legal case, and a Trump rally sparking an explosion of cases that kills MANY.

Not even Trump’s campaign is calling it that lol.

I can’t wait for the first crowd shot of some yokel wearing a MAGA hat and a face mask, and watching the heads around him explode Scanners style.

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Why only include COVID ? Serious question, actually.

If someone catches a cold or a flu or whatever else, couldn’t they sue as well ? Contagious diseases can be transmitted in public places, that’s nothing new.

Are you saying a member of the MAGA flock would be dishonest and try to take advantage of Trump for financial gain? I thought only Libs did stuff like that…

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He’s concerned about those that protested and contracted the disease, coming to his rally to protest and infecting patriots coming out to show their support.

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Attendance is voluntary, not mandatory.


Exactly, which is why it’s weird they’d even put that in

We live in a litigious society.


Yup –

That’s totally believable.


The Donald hearts this post.



Yes Trump Does Sue

like a lot. :slight_smile:


Less than half as much as he threatens to.