I thought Covid was no longer a threat?..Trump campaign seems worried about it

Trump > Lincoln

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And it’s a known fact that the people protesting are the ones who regularly attend trump rallies.

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Where have you been my friend? It’s good to see you. :sunglasses:

They usually get booed…then booted so mostly…it’s done outside the arena while the tens of thousands are waiting to get inside.

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Now now - don’t forget that Trump has been more persecuted than Lincoln, even though Lincoln was assasinated.

Still not sure how that one works…

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You know what makes this post hysterical?

That you meant it seriously.



It would be nice if people stop posting links to these liars.

Well once Lincoln was dead he no longer had to deal with people being meanies to him.


Yeah, I don’t think Lincoln cares anymore. But he should. Many people are saying so.

A lot of people tell me that Lincoln was a deep state lib Trump hater.

You get that too?

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What’s funny is a lot of far righties who hated Lincoln because he did thing like suspend habeas corpus and use the military against peaceful secessionists (Lincoln was truly a big “Centgov” Authoritarian type of guy) would likely applaud Trump if he did the same things against the protesters.


Protesters? Oh no, rioters.

My bad, peaceful rioters.

Back to Covid for a second (I know, boring). Even my knowledgeable friends are starting to bend to Covid fatigue. I for one am not. I still wear my mask, stand my distance, spend little time shopping, and do not stay in enclosed spaces or cars, even with close friends. I am a long time science teacher, but I am concerned about my return to school. If there is a return to school. I have two high risk factors for severe illness and the CDC guidelines stay that I should work from home, if possible. I can. And I have a good program to work from. But we have not decided what our return to school will look like. It’s going to be an interesting time.

Every business should be able to do this.

Good thing the Dems are encouraging these protests and riots. Like our idiot governor and physician general.

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Liberate Michigan!


LOL in the past you guys were complaining that Trump didn’t care enough and was offering BS solutions, now you guys are pissy because he’s worried about it. It’s almost as if you don’t have any principles besides being Anti-Trump.


What’s the matter? I thought that the parties switched. Wouldn’t that mean that Lincoln was, in reality, a Democrat?

You would applaud Obama if he did it, and applauded Lincoln when he did it, but now you hate Trump for it.

Let’s thank the CoV-SARS-2 virus for being so polite as to pause in it’s tracks to let the Anti-Fa riot and destroy innocent businesses built on capitalism, which had nothing to do with the riot.

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