I see some real problems for the so called Whistleblower


As I read this there are some real problems for the so called whistleblower.

First, the complaint was not properly made. It was initiated with a contact to the Intel committee staff instead of first being filed with the Intel IG.

Second, Trump is not part of the Intel community and thus not subject to being reported under the IC reporting criteria.

After watching a segment on TC’s show with an actual whistleblower my suspicions are confirmed.

I also see nothing here that protects the whistleblower’s identity unless they are officially a covert operative as per the CIA’s definition and statutes.

This reads more and more like something concocted by Scifty and his minions using a leaker under the guise of the Whistleblower status.


The whistle while lying report will be pretty much forgotten in about 2 weeks.

Still trying to argue that we shouldn’t even know about this in the first place.



Why is he/she constantly referred to as a “so called” whistleblower by those on the right,?

I dunno man, it took them 3 years to stop posting Russian delusion threads, and that was all very recent. :rofl:

When the word “whistleblower” was repeated from the get go, by every lib politician, over and over…every lib news outlet…it became obvious that this word…was the key. Now it’s coming out how so much was recently changed regarding the processes, in a legal sense, concerning this word. Those involved in the recent changes did so…for corrupt purposes and will be exposed for the corrupt people they are.


They’re still posting Collusion Delusion.


There have been no changes to the law or the directives for the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Oh, my mistake. It must be like background noise at this point and I just don’t notice anymore. lol :thinking:

Because the text of the whistle blower law they claim to be operating under specifically says it is for use against wrongdoing by the intelligence agencies which the President is not a member of.


Whistler’s identity shall become known to all shortly.

Correct, it continues to say it is to report wrong doing by members of the intelligence community, which Trump is not a member of.

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LMAO… Is that going to be the presidents defense in a senate trial?

He can use a peanut butter sandwich as his defense in the Senate and prevail at this point.

LOL… We are months and months away from a senate trial… lots more coming in the meantime…

Well you had better hope there is because what they have so far isn’t going to cut it.

Oh, I can think of quite a few articles of impeachment already…

Doesn’t much matter what you think though does it? Unless, wait, are you Mitch McConnel?

That is very true. Republicans in Senate put Trump over country. No matter what evidence might come out, even if public support reaches 95% in favor of impeachment and removal from office, Republicans in Senate will not remove him. Trump is way too important.

Nonsense, if Republican voters abandon Trump, Republican Senators will too. I see no evidence that is happening though. I don’t think you understand how this works. A majority of Republicans wanted Obama impeached too, didn’t happen though did it?