I saw this on FOX news, so it must be true

I’ll try to get the wording right.

There are 50 million police stops every year. And about 50 shootings of unarmed people. So we are preparing our kids to deal with something that is literally a one in a million chance? With the goal of reducing it to a zero in a million chance. So we won’t be happy until there is complete perfection? How is that supposed to happen? By burning down a few more neighborhoods? The police are simply amazing! What other profession is that good? Any ideas? How good to they have to be to be considered good?

You should look a bit deeper at what gets classifed as “unarmed”.

Try to use your car to run down a cop? Unarmed.

Take a weapon or attempt to take a weapon from a cop, “unarmed”.

Last year there were 9 such incidents and only 2 in which the perp was actually “unarmed” involving blacks shot by cops.

Right. And some unarmed people actually need to be shot. Michael Brown may have killed officer Wilson. If Wilson didn’t shoot him first.


Those nine boiled down to exactly two cases that might end up being an unlawful killing of a black man.

Divide your one in a million by 20.

Yep. It seems that this stat has rendered the libs speechless. :astonished:

Uh. Sure. Compare the per capita law enforcement killings of the United States with the other G7 countries. Compare that number with just about any “first world” nation.

It seems we should only care about the unarmed who were shot and killed by the police? What about the unarmed who died because of a knee to the neck? What about other unjustified police killings? Those be 50 lives are of little importance since it’s unlikely you’d be one? No need to get too worked up about them.

How many unjustified law enforcement killings were there in the US in 2018?

How about we compare per capita forcible felonies committed in the US vs those in your cited countries?

How many of these killings were unlawful?

The level of force used is commensurate with the threats faced by US LEO’s in almost every instance.

Yep. Americans are worse people. Deserve to be killed much more often. That’s what I figured the response would be. It seems the answer is to prepare our kids to not be such horrible people.

Americans bad. We should figure out why our neighbors to the north are so much better.

It’s much better when it’s numbers we are dealing with than actual human beings.

George Floyd anyone?


Great! Then you Libs should be fully supportive of taking every possible measure to secure our Southern border to keep illegals from coming in and killing innocent American citizens!! But you’re not for that are you??

Kate Steinle anyone?


I’m a liberal and I am for securing our borders. Not sure about “every possible measure” as that sound expensive. I am for measures that work at a cost we can manage.


If the 20-25 billion dollar cost of building a wall is the problem, how much do you think abolishing the police in these cities would cost in terms of human life and property? How quickly would the cost exceed 20 billion dollars? Letting criminals run amok because of a small percentage of travesties is the epitome of Lib stupidity. Bit also another chance for me to point out blatant Lib hypocrisy, so there is that…


I doubt a majority of libs want to abolish a policing force in the cities. I don’t and neither do any of the libs I know. “Defund” never should have been used imo. When you dig into it, it seems the libs want to restructure and perhaps reduce the police force.

Oh no you don’t. You can’t blame all illegals for the actions of some of them. That is only ok if it’s the police.


Many are talking about abolishing the police and just talking about it has already had some serious repercussions in some big cities. I notice you said “policing force” and not police. A policing force doesn’t sound like the police. What are you advocating?

Who are these many?

I.d like a link or two.

Abolish the police. Perish the thought. Every city in the United States needs police of some sort.


I’m not really advocating anything right now. I’m glad you picked up on the policing force. It might evolve into a mix of traditional police and other things. We ask a lot of police and perhaps some situations could be better handled with a different group. I don’t know.

I seem to recall something about “well regulated militias in the constitution.” :thinking:

Maybe they could fill the position…

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Yes you are. You are advocating the worst possible scenario that can be imagined. That’s the game here, so get with the program!

Why don’t you compare violent crime rates between the US and Canada and maybe you’ll figure it out.

Over half our violent felonies are committed by just 6% of the population. Maybe we should export that portion of the population to Canada so they can learn to behave instead of sending them to prison?

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