I really wish pork spending was not allowed

I was glancing at the heroes act I don’t have time to read all that crap but seriously has anyone read this it’s full of stuff that has absolutely zero to do with the coronavirus relief. Now to be fair I know the Republicans are guilty of this process as well, but seems at a time like this it doesn’t need 1300-1800 pages of a Christmas wish list while putting a knee down waiting for the clock to run out (Election).

Even if Trump loses he still gonna be there till January it’s really not that hard, get the money to the people while there is still time and quit stuffing things into it like for instance “Voters will no longer need and ID to vote”.
What the hell does that have to do with coronavirus and that is just one of many I glanced at.

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“I don’t think our leverage has ever been greater than it is now.”

What do you feel is pork on the bill?

I didn’t have time to read nearly 1/80th of it here’s I wrote down a few I am unsure what has to do with the coronavirus.

No ID needed to vote

Make illegal immigrants eligible for direct stimulus payments

No protections to ensure federal funds are not used to subsidize abortions

Mandate to collect ‘hate crimes’ data

$125 Million to National Science Foundation

$50 Million to Legal Services Corporation

$50 Million to the EPA for “environmental justice grants"

$10 Million to National Endowment of the Arts

Releases almost all ICE detainees, resulting in a near-cessation of immigration enforcement

Extends Medicaid coverage to illegal aliens

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I really wish pork spending was not allowed

…and “I have a dream”…

Nice list. Not one puts a check in the mail for Covid relief. Other than “direct stimulus payments to illegals”? Huh?

Wow. Amazing in a really bad sort of way. Disgusting may be a better word.

We are going to have to agree to disagree on what is pork. The money for the national science foundation is working on treatment for Covid and other Covid related topics. The no ID for voting is to help people be able to vote with the long lines at the DMV. They do need to provide a sworn statement. The national endowment of the arts is to help keep jobs afloat in this time of unemployment you know stimulate the economy.

This is the bill the Democrats would support. My question to you is why have Republicans failed to come to the table and negotiate or pass their own? It seems a bit silly to be angry at Democrats for doing the Democratic thing. Maybe put pressure on your party to do what you think they should do.

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So basically, you are against politicking. I can’t sympathize with you after this last decade of GOP politicking. They got everything they wanted in the last decade though the way they played the game of politics.

BTW pork is how things get done in DC. Ending pork in DC is like ending credit in the economy. It would freeze everything up, but I suspect that may be your ulterior motive here.

[I don’t like pork either, but its a reality of the world we live in]

They have been trying to pass their own, it was rejected by congress.

In the initial post I did say that both parties are guilty of it and I personally would like to see it go away especially at a time of crisis like we are in now where for some they are in danger of losing their homes or have had to shut off things like electricity just to make it. Seems like a time a place for everything this just doesn’t seem like the time for some of the things I am reading.

I would bet if they polled Republicans, Democrats, and independents and asked them if illegal aliens should get free Medicaid, paid for by US taxpayers it would be a resounding hell no, yet there it sits in the coronavirus bill.

The last time they asked they asked that question NBC did a poll for free health care for illegals and it was 62% against it. Just 36% were in favor. I almost hope they do pass it because the wave come next midterms will look like that movie 2012.

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Moscow Mitch is scared ■■■■ less of losing the Senate.

Who in Congress was it rejected by? Did they bring it to a vote?


“You cannot leave it up to the states to decide how they are going to address the minority community,” she said.

Rejected in negotiations. There has been several numbers thrown out from both sides, we all know they know it won’t pass and they are running out the clock till after the election, sad thing is a lot of people don’t have that time.

Perhaps the republicans should pass their own bill. The democrats negotiated and was willing to drop the amount. There is only one party that passed a bill and compromised.

Word today is that there are quite a few Republicans who think that they need some kind of relief bill passed before the election. The heat is on.

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Ya that’s what I am a bit upset about the politics of it. I could care less in a different time period but not a time when millions are suffering not a time to play political chess.

I totally agree that the Senate rushing a Supreme Court nomination over passing a stimulus is disgusting. Polling shows that a majority of Americans agree.


They are doing this because it has zero percent chance of passing and are wanting to hurt the president by having him refusing something called the “Heroes Act”, and if 100’s of thousands of citizens can’t pay their electricity in the meantime screw them and the media won’t call them out on it because they are in their pocket.

And its such a wonderful idea, according to MIT and Yale there are 22 million illegal aliens in the U.S. roughly the population of Australia and they are saying to the U.S. taxpayers it’s going to be on your back and your children’s future to pay for peoples health who are here illegally. It has zero chance of passing and is malicious to its core.

Who would want to burden their citizens with that type of debt when we are already buried to the tune of $200,000 per taxpayer and 125 trillion in unfunded liabilities these people don’t need to be anywhere near the table of making decisions of this caliber. A more appropriate place for them would be choosing between the apple pie or custard at the mental ward.