I probably won't ever buy an Electric Vehicle if Gas Vehicles are Outlawed in My State

Even if they aren’t allowed to be built any more.

I’ll just keep fixing what I have, or install a wood gasifier, or make my own fuel.

I almost bought one, but If I’m told it’s not allowed, I probably won’t comply.


Well, I’m glad we got that taken care of.


It might be able to power up a jobsite or your house but if it can’t tow it ain’t wort a ■■■■ to me even if it is a Ford.


Ford is mis-marketing the Lightning. Just like GM and Chrysler will fall into when they release their EV full sizes.

They aren’t meant to tow. They are meant to be replacement for how the average half ton is actually used.

Most people don’t tow with half tons. Some do, but the majority of them never have a trailer behind them. Most people use them for the utility of the truck bed itself. Or for light off roading. Or as a daily driver with a higher ride position.

Someone buying an EV truck expecting tow anything more than a single axle trailer with an ATV, Lawnmower, or a small bass boat is going to regret their decision. And these companies shouldn’t be advertising them as towing trucks.

Rivian has it right. They don’t advertise their EV truck based on towing. They always market the utility of the bed design thanks to the independent rear suspension (like the Ridgeline it has an under bed storage trunk), its off road capabilities, and its insane amount of storage thanks to having a greatly simplified drive train, it’s ride quality, and it’s 600ft lbs of torque for making every drive fun. They market it as a lifestyle truck. Something for someone who wants to do some camping off the beaten path while still being efficient and comfortable to drive to work. And has enough capability to tow an ATV to the creek or a small boat to the ramp.

They never exaggerate or lie about what the truck can do. Like Honda they tell you straight up what the truck is meant to do. It’s up to customers if it fits their needs and lifestyle.

That’s how the D3 should be marketing these EV trucks. But because their marketing teams are stupid, they won’t do that. They’ll just focus on towing. And they’ll end up with a bunch of customers who are unsatisfied with the product.


I don’t ever see a need for wanted electric vehicle…and I resent the ■■■■ out of libs trying to enforce it on me.

Electric vehicle might be nice if 'm just going to the store…but that’s a rarity. I usually stop at the store while I’m out.

And you libs need to stop it.


You are not forced to buy one. So put the grievance sandwich away

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If you are one of the people for whom an EV is not a superior option - a rapidly shrinking number - then don’t get one. But if the reason is “LIBZ!!!”, well, that’d just be stupid.

Don’t BS me…specially when you support banning em.


Are the trips when you also stop at the store over 300 miles? If so, that’d be a reasonable reason to hold off … at least for right now. In 10 years, not so much.

And nobody is forcing you to buy an EV.

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I love EVs. In 12 years they will be even more advanced.

You don’t live in CA, so don’t worry.

No, I’m always hauling stuff. Or on long trips now.

Thanks for the heads up. I can report this back to my controller so they can ensure those loopholes are fixed when EV cars become mandatory.

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Yeah, silly me… thinking one vehicle should suit all of my transportation needs.


Many states follow CA on vehicles. So there’s that… it’s not just CA.

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They are way over priced commuter cars. That’s about it.

Oh there are times I could use one…but for 60 thousand dollars when I only need it for maybe 1000 miles a year? it’s not practical and I have better things to do with my limited money.

And if I work more than need for EV goes down where I wouldn’t be using it at all.

It’s a ■■■■■■■ waste and only add more pollution to our environment.


I can’t think of anything i could use one for that a gas powered car wouldn’t be better at and for eons less cost.

When i put 60,000 down it is for a house, never a car.


The Chevy Bolt starts at $26k.