I love Dershowitzes new defense...lol

Remember when cons thought executive orders were abuses of power? Well, I guess if the POTUS thinks ot will help his or her reelection its all good!

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No. Disagreements will be handled the way they are supposed to be handled in a democracy. If Democrats don’t like the policy, make it an issue politically. That’s the way its supposed to work instead of using your majority in the House to impeach whenever you disagree. Schiff apparently doesn’t think voters should be trusted, but that’s how a democracy works.

It doesn’t tell you anything except that they are reporting on an absurd, dangerous legal argument that the POTUS is peddling during an impeachment trial.

But gasp let’s get all up in arms over a headline rather than what the POTUS is trying to do

And investigations should be handled the way they are supposed to. Not by withholding aid to a foreign country at war and soliciting then to announce one during an election year, all while trying to keep the DOD and state department in the dark.

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Its not “dangerous” or scary. Its a stupid argument and probably one he made up on the spot.

Why do you think it’s stupid. And yes it is dangerous. It’s just as ridiculous to suggest it isn’t

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See…there’s your political argument for the election.

Nothing stopped the Republican congress all these years from investigating.

If we were senators, our opinions would be worth something.
We’re not and they’re not.

The House soiled the process.

It was a procedural embarrasment from the start…A day after Mueller showed everyone he did not read the report with his name on it…(con)fusion GPS??

No hard feelings.


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We can revisit this when a Democratic President uses foreign policy for personal gain and then invokes a blanket privilege. We will have the Trump/McConnell precedent to fall back on.


I don’t think it’s nonsense. Do you want to live in a country where Barack Obama and Donald Trump can literally do anything they want as long as they claim it’s for the good of the country? I don’t. The president is a public employee, not a dictator. CNN and others are right to focus on it.


You think one of Trump’s lawyers went to the mic at a Senate presidential impeachment trial and made up an argument “on the spot”? Come on, man. That’s ridiculous.


You may be giving Trump’s lawyers too much credit.


Its only the 3rd impeachment trial in our nation’s history. No biggy

No…Republicans will hopefully fall back on the Constitutional process of going through the courts…the deciders of arguments between the other two branches of government.
There is a constitutional process available.

No they wont. They are the ones making the argument now. What are you talking about?

Its nonsense. Lawyers tend to make any defense argument that won’t immediately cause laughter or ridicule. This wasn’t one of those arguments, IMO. It is a failed argument, not a calling for the President to bring out the army if he thinks it helps his election.

Get a grip on the difference.

Why would they downplay it? Having a Putin style leader is what they want. As long as that autocrat is a Republican

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Is that why Trump’s lawyers and Republicans are endorsing the legal argument that if Trump did it, it’s not impeachable?