I love Dershowitzes new defense...lol

"The logic here is that Trump believes his reelection is what’s best for the country, so therefore whatever he does to secure a second term is, by definition, in the national interest. "

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The founders are rolling in their graves. If this isn’t a prototypical case of impeachment, what is?

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It is so insane.

Trump is America, America is Trump.

The real question for Trump hating libs is, why do you hate America?


That is a stupid throw away defense. And all the liberal media is pretending that is the whole defense now…of course. Mistake on Dershowitz’s part.

One of the most absurd things I’ve heard.

It also takes away the defense that impeachment is a sham because it’s all “political”.

Well, if Democrats view getting rid of Trump as in the public interest, then what are cons complaining about?

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I don’t think anyone is saying its the “whole” defense, but kudos to you for acknowledging its error.

I have seen it as a headliner at Yahoo and now CNN. Obviously, they like it.

Well, yea because it’s absurd.

To be fair to Dershowitz, his stupid defense is entirely consistent and reflective of this POTUS’ character and his administration.


Stupid sells.

I mean what’s more objectional…

The POTUS’ lawyer making the argument during an impeachment trial, potentially setting a precedent



News agencies reporting on it


Yeah, it would be better for Trump if news organizations didn’t point out stuff like this. That’s why he’s been on a campaign since day one to discredit news organizations that actually hold him accountable. Not hard to figure out.


Deflection from Schiff getting caught refusing House witness 18 and then claiming it would be “unfair” to not get his demands for new discovery in the Senate.

Yinz lost yesterday.

Friday vote will be 54 to acquit the President. Better follow the rules next time, this isn’t a parliamentary republic.


Yes reporting the President’s counsel’s absurd line of defense is a deflection…

No one doubts GOP senators will keep their tails tucked securely between their legs no matter how stupid Donald and his people get.



Oh, it’s the “I am the Senate” defense…


It isn’t any sort of Republic at all if the standard the Senate is setting for Presidential power goes forward. We will all regret this, especially all the R’s who are acting as if they are handing the same ability to act with impunity to the next Democratic President.

Of course they will report on it. I said it was Dershowitz’s mistake, not CNNs mistake. But it tells you something about them that they would center on the lamest thing Dershowitz said instead of his other, better points. Such as all this talk about it being “for personal political gain” is nonsense because every President and every politician considers policy and politics when they make a decision. I mean, most people know news organizations, especially CNN, report based on biases but its worth pointing it out, at least to those who still live in a fog.

No. What Dershowitz said is ■■■■■■■ dangerous. Quit downplaying it.

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