I like AOC more and more

Alexander ocasio-cortez confronted a military contractor over price gouging.
they were marking up some kind of disc it cost $32 to make to over $1100. according to the pentagon IG they made a 4400% profit overall. according to the IG the company overcharged tha pentagon by 16m out of 29m in contracts

the pentagon was going to ask for a voluntary refund until AOC shamed the company on the house floor… then the company agreed to to refund the overcharge.

The company should be banned from doing business with the US. and whoever authorized the payments should be booted from the military


Can only imagine how widespread this practice is. How big is our military budget?

I have been impressed with some of her exchanges in Congress, too.

But she didn’t know how to use a garbage disposal :frowning:



For some reason her pointing this out means she’s dumb and doesn’t know what she’s doing and doesn’t know how government works. Don’t know how, but we’ll figure it out, dammit!

I’m impressed with her interpretive dance moves.

Hmm, I’m surprised this story doesn’t get a stronger response from you considering dollars wasted like this could have been used to more directly support military personnel through pay or benefits.

Perhaps politics is too important to you.


This is one way of going about reducing a bloated military and defense budget.

It’ll take more than a one shot disc to impress me. She builds a record of doing this, we’ll talk.

You might want to look at my posts regarding this little girl and stop assuming.

She has been “doing this” since she took office. Unfortunately the right is too busy watching videos of her dancing as a student to realize.


I like her too. She has become the face of the DEMs. Will be campaign fodder for GOP candidates in 2020.

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You’ve made it clear you don’t think women have a place in politics. We know, she’s a girl, she danced on a video in college, go make you a sandwich, lol etc.

AOC is cool…

She makes a whole lot of mistakes. She also says a whole lot of impressive things.

I’d much rather have a politician on my side who behaved like that than one who played it safe and was forgettable.

Pretty much.

You know, it used to be pretty easy to tell which of the two genders a lib poster is by reading a few posts. Not so much anymore.

Yes, yes she is.

Sounds like Trump. If you change “says” for “does”.

Really? That’s an interestingly Trump-supporting view. In fact, I couldn’t picture such a comment coming from someone who didn’t support Trump.

So do you support Trump?

I have a weird feeling that the answer is no.

If so, why?

Does it? Strange.

Some of us have evolved from neanderthals.


Is there an answer to the question?

Or are you the same person who was instructing me on how to behave in church?

If so, I renew my prayers for you and yours.