I like AOC more and more

Into a woman?

Thank you, I appreciate it. I need all the help I can get.

You’re welcome.

Into men who aren’t terrified of women being more than housewives and sex objects.

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I suspect quite a few of the AOC critics on this forum have watched the video of her dancing multiple times.

That sound like a woman?


Not really.

The goal isn’t conversation then.

What would you like to conversate about?

The topic.

She’s impressed with your obsession of her…

What makes you think I’m obsessed?

A junior first-term representative? Why?

Because that’s the topic of the thread. Isn’t that the point of making threads? To talk about the subject of them?

People are left with two options. Finding the topic interesting enough to reply and doing so; and people not doing so and not doing so.

You seem to want to bridge the gap by not finding the topic interesting but talking about it anyway?

God’s best with your strategy.

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I like her interpretative dance moves as well as her theory on cow genocide, and how this could improve the planet.

What does this even mean?

Ah yes, the virtual equivalent of scratching your crotch every few sentences. So manly.

I bet you got some of these too https://trucknutz.com/

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I think he is saying liberal men are becoming more feminine or (beta males) those who on social media are often referred to as “Soy Boys” - those who are connoisseurs of soy milk, which lowers their testosterone levels making them more feminine.

P.S. I could be wrong and he is talking about something else.

I am not sure why but they seem to always have this look in pictures.

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Soy Milk doesn’t lower testosterone.