I Have A Question About "Vigilante"

All in the discussions about The Kenosha Kid, a lot of people are throwing the word “vigilante” around like it’s a bad thing.


he wasn’t a vigilante

this is just another narrative ploy to steer the attention away from his defending himself with bullets

I understand, but that doesn’t answer my question. What’s wrong with vigilantes?

not a good idea to start taking the law into your own hands.

Because people are stupid.

Not to say that cops are any smarter - they’re not - but I’d rather have some cops than live in a society where everyone thinks they’re a cop.


If for no other reason than that would be way too many cops. And cops get to do things like give you lawful orders. My neighbor doesn’t get to give me orders.

Why not?

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Why? I don’t believe they “think they are cops”.

Vigilantes and cops are two entirely different things.

Yelp because often vigilante turned into vigilante mob…

You watch too many movies.

I do. Not too many though. Just the right amount for me.

What does that have to do with vigilantism?

That’s what vigilante means - law enforcement without legal authority.

It actually means watchful.

Vigilantes arise in the absence of the state; such as we saw last summer.

They appear when the system fails enough times.

“Legal authority” is vastly over-rated. It is a sham, as we have seen time and time again.


The fact is that the dimocrat party made a campaign platform out of “defund the police” and they decided mob rule was/is the best way to enact their agenda. In the course of that they have decided that personal property, public property and individual safety are of no consequence and anyone defending those things are “racist” “white supremacist” " jim crow loving" neanderthals.

They want to open the borders, defund the military, defund the police and take away your 2nd Amendment rights, decriminalize most crimes and empty the jails, (see also the mccloskeys) and guess where all that leads??

The idea of an armed person standing in their way bugs them.


Vigilantes almost always arise in an emotion charged environment. They demonstrate minimal restraint in their actions and tend to resort to force.

no more police, now we must defund the vigilantes

Perhaps we should fund them instead…

See: Cops

But not the point. I think we can all agree that we are living in a failing state. In the absence of the state, what is to be done?

The first Texas Rangers are a prime example. Tumlinson et al.

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Two amusing observations from today.

  1. biden, evers, and Kenosha mayor all sending the message that they’re not having any of what went on last year. It seems that the rabble aren’t necessary for their messaging right now and would actually make them look bad.

  2. Kind of funny to see jacob blake’s family press conference where they called the families of the “victims” up to speak. I believe it was rosenbaum’s mother who got up there and basically say “ALL LIVES MATTER (she said this exact statement)” and have all of the others nod and shout out in agreement.

I thought “ALL LIVES MATTER” was supposedly “racist”.