"I Have A Dream!" Martin Luther King Jr


I agree. He also wouldn’t have called those who do engage in violence ‘good people’


I wonder what Martin Luther King Jr, would think of Bill Clinton,
and the sexist Democrats?

Than again, the Doctor did love his women.
OOp! was nobody suppose to know that?


Hasn’t the KKK been declining in their numbers over the years?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought I saw a statistic somewhere
that had their numbers declining over years and years.

Yet the Democrat media, keeps saying that it’s worst than ever under Trump?
Don’t really get that one. lol.


Young racists aren’t really joining the KKK, that’s for older generations.


Are you really trying to make the argument that if it isn’t the KKK, some ■■■■ isn’t racist?

Is that the best you got? If so, stop while you are way behind, because its not gonna get any better for your argument.


King wouldn’t want anything to do with Maxine Waters. She’s old and ugly.
The Rev. King’s taste ran to young, good looking women. According to his friend Ralph Abernathy, King had a different one every night.


Houston for example has some really bad areas and a serious violent crime problem… It’s not the murder capital of the nation anymore, but it held that dubious honor for a time back in the seventies.

.[quote=“Konssurvative1, post:35, topic:14707, full:true”]
Just more Trump Kool Aid you’ve been drinking. Republican Cities and Democrat cities face the same issues.




Someone stole a mall box in my town, that made the news paper…


king david had 500 concubines!


LOL. Yup, I lived in a town of 800 for about ten years. I once dropped a letter in the public mailbox at the post office and it came back to my house for missing postage. Somehow, they knew who put that letter in the box. It was a loan payment to an out of state bank and the only thing I could think of was they knew I was the only resident in town to have such a loan.


Are you now or have you ever been a dependent of the government, receiving pay or benefits from a government body funded by the taxpayers?


This brings back that tune from “the music man”.


They said it was growing - not “worse than ever”. And it is. Simple truths.


Ethnic nationalism leads to balkanization.


Yep…some always says that when I write about Gary. It’s a ■■■■■■■ cesspool today.