I felt threatened!

Ambassador Yovanovitch says she felt threatened when she read the transcript of the July Trump Call.
Yet she was relieved from duty months before.

So the question is this. if she did not feel threatened in Ukraine or Somalia why did she feel threatened when she read a transcript that she knew nothing about?


It’s because she’s lying. Her testimony is an attempt to get drama points.


Because the president of the United States was not making vague threats about her?

Somebody should be a playwright. However, in this tug of war both sides need new suits.

Im sold. trumps dun fer

OP offered no link, so I went a-Googlin’:

Rolling Stone article dated 11/04/2019. Timeline so far as I can understand it:

Marie Yovanovitch claims the State Department had been under pressure to remove her as ambassador to Ukraine since the summer of 2018 because she was a hinderance to the Trump administration’s efforts to enlist Ukraine’s help in investigating the Bidens.

July 25, 2018: Donald calls her “bad news,” and that she was going to “go through some things.” Yovanovitch testified she had no idea what that meant but replied in the affirmative during the Q&A when she was asked if she felt threatened by the comment.

April 2019: Yovanovitch learns via phone call she is to be removed from her posts. She was also told by Director General of the Foreign Service Carol Perez that her “security” (not her safety) was at risk and she needed to be on the next plane flying back to the States.

So Donald made the comments in July 2018, she was removed in April of 2019. She testified that she felt threatened by the comments Donald had made over the summer.

That’s the timeline, assuming you believe the Fake News Deep State lib mob progressive-socialist-communist-satanic media rag Rolling Stone.


I don’t know why… it’s not as if fat donnie is in a position of authority.

the phone call was July 25th 2019, not 2018. It is in the transcript of the Zelensky call

i think, rather I am sure the Zelensky call was after she was dismissed. She was clear she felt threatened when she read the transcript even though she had already been removed.

now on the other hand Flynn did not feel threatened.

Ok, The RS article wasn’t entirely clear on that score, at least not to my understanding. Daily Beast is reporting that Donald wanted her removed as early as summer of 2018, but that the phone call with Zelensky was in fact 2019, two to three months after she was removed from her post (Daily Beast has her being ousted in May, not April).

So then with that in mind - why would a US ambassador feel threatened reading that transcript between the American and Ukrainian leader when she had already been removed from her post? I can speculate that perhaps hearing the phrase she was going to “go through some things” made her consider the possibility that there was potentially more at stake that just her already dissolved ambassadorship? After all - why would Donald say such a thing to Zelensky months after Yovanovitch was removed from her post?

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In April, she was told to come home from the Ukraine because her safety was at risk. I’m assuming that was unsettling for her. Three months later the President says that “she’s going to go through some things.”

If I’m told my safety is at risk and later the President says things are going to be done to me, I’d feel threatened. I’m not sure what the issue is here.


Particularly since she was no longer the ambassador at the time of the call, so whatever “things” she might find herself going through would have had nothing to do with job security.

There is a definite admission by fat Donnie’s “followers” that he has no power to intimidate.


Let’s see.

Some things are going to happen to her.

Yikes that’s our POTUS.

That is a threat.


she is lying because what she has said doesn’t fit into his supports narrative or Low information mind set?

She knew nothing of the call until September 25th.


You got nearly 100% of that wrong.

That takes dedication.

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No one said that.

That’s a complete piece of fiction on your part.

Carry on.

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