I do see some signs of hope within the GOP

I am thinking that there might be a split in the Republican party.
There will be the Trump supporters who in some areas of the country will have a strong say in elections.
And I expect that those Republicans in those areas will cater to that base.
Then there will be the typical Republicans who will break away and form a new party.
And this will be a solid split on the hill.
And then it will be up to how much influence Trump maintains in the next two years.
And a lot of that will hinge on wither or not he gets indicted in NY State for crimes.
I think he is going down.
And he will lose any control he has.
And then film at eleven.


Or the more likely outcome is that while many if not most republicans will distance themselves from him they will still cater to his base for their votes.

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Not if you tie the spending to the political body that actually controls the budget… the house.

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Schwarzenegger drinking the leftist cool aid talking about Marxists saving our democracy. My he sure has been taken in.

Freshman Rep. Peter Meijer, RINO-Grand Rapids, represents Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives has just distinguished himself as a huge RINO & is now on the list of those to be Primaried.

Who has been in control of The House when those deficit blowing budgets were passed?

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IMHO I think that a lot of Republicans listen to Arnold. And I think he made a splash today when he called Trump the worst POTUS that history will record.

And I was labeled a nut when he was being pushed to run for POTUS and I warned people he was not and never had been a conservative and to think hard before pushing him.


No, 74 million votes. Trump will go after in the primary’s every RINO & the voters will help him. The impeachment II along with the censorship will assure Trump controls the party. I doubt he runs again, but he will wield huge power & any republican who he primarries will likely lose.

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We listen to a lot of people we give no credibility to. Listening doesn’t mean we’re following their lead.

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Paul Ryan and the Republicans.

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You will be greatly disappointed then. Arnold is pretty much toast with the GOP now.

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No, try again. Just how long was Paul Ryan Speaker?

The Hasbeen has been. His relevance has long ago passed.


I figure Trump will start a news network & internet engine that Big Tech can’t shut down.

A guy like him just doesn’t go away. You are dreaming if you think he will.

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I agree that Trump has the potential of welding a lot of power and influence in the party.
However, the trump card (pun intended) will be what happens with the investigations by the NY AG and the Manhattan AG. Trump can not escape those cases. I believe that indictments will be coming soon.
And if that happens he is going to lose any leverage he has with the party.

October 2015 to January 2019

Then you are dreaming.

Fastest way to civil war if they do that. Not a threat, I would not participate or advocate, but that would be the end for a lot of people on the left in my opinion.

Then your math is so far off as to be laughable.

That covers two budget years.

What was the total federal deficit for those two years?

What was it for the two decades prior and the period since?

2020 alone was over 3 trillion dollars.

Now? He has been for some time.

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If you don’t think that Trump is guilty of any one of the following then you are dreaming.
Tax Evasion. Bank Loan Fraud. Insurance Fraud. Money Laundering. Underpayment of Taxes.