I do see some signs of hope within the GOP

As most of you are aware, I was a loyal republican most of my life. I was in high school during Reagan’s 2nd term, and really liked a lot of his ideas. I joined the College Republicans when I got to college, voted straight GOP in 1990 (the first election in which I was eligible to vote), and stayed in the GOP at various levels of participation until 2016 when I became an independent.

It has been difficult to watch what has transpired with my old party over the last 4 years - particularly with the sinister events that occurred on January 6. I have, however, seen a few signs of hope spring up from that disastrous day. Some in the GOP have arisen to condemn the attack on our government. I hope they can help to bring life back to what once was a good party.

I have included 2 examples below - one from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and one from Pete Meijer. I sincerely hope that brave men and women like these can influence the GOP to once again become the shining light it could be.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comments:

Pete Meijer’s comments:


A lot more GOP members need to stand up…

Let’s hope they come back to sanity.

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Sure buddy.

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I agree, but going back to sanity does not necessarily mean drifting left. Just as getting the left sane does not necessarily mean “drifting right.” It’s a matter of how you accomplish those goals.

The GOP actually drifted left under Trump. Just look at the budgets since Trump has been in office. Deficit spending has increased the debt each and every year Trump has been in office, even before the pandemic hit. That’s not fiscal conservatism. Not by a longshot.


Pompous play actor. A bunch of idiots got out of hand and took over a building for a few minutes. There was no insurrection.
As far as refusing to accept the results of the election, that is nothing unique. Biden was always going to be inaugurated on January 20. Trumped ruined what influence he could have had by moving into a fantasy.

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Agreed, I’m fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. There are Republicans that I could vote for. Hopefully, the events of January 6th are a wake up call for Republicans.

I don’t disagree with this. It’s why fiscally voting R is always just the lesser evil.

What I do find ironic are the leftists that post complaining about trumps deficits. Totally ignoring that their reps wanted to spend even more. Don’t get me wrong, republican deficits are not anything we should crow about. But at the same time let’s not pretend they would have been better under the left.


Would you describe yourself as modern-day Libertarian, perhaps?

That’s quite the soft shoe on what happened. The more that comes out the more violent and widespread it appears to be. I don’t think that post is going to age well, at all. It’s already really revisionist. The MyPillow Fight At The Capitol

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I suppose. I am very fiscally conservative. I think corporations are getting off easy with tax loopholes and such though. I’m ok with a social safety net, but that shouldn’t mean you sit on the couch collecting a paycheck though.

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Being fiscally irresponsible is not “left”.

Deficits have risen more under Republican admins then Democratic Admins since Reagan. Not sure about Obama…but he did have that little event called the Great Recession.

Republicans are worse at the debt than Democrats.

Democrats spend, but raise taxes.
Republicans spend, and cut taxes.

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Sanity is in the opposite direction.

And revenues to the treasury go up… .

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Good thread. Thanks for the links.

Another myth.

Not a myth it’s been proven every time we looked at revenues following tax cuts.

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Tax revenues generally go up every year, for a variety of reasons.

The Supply Side argument of what you claim is not true.

Now…post your link from a reputable economist countering this…it will probably be a laugher.

So now you’re admitting revenues go up but claiming it can’t be due to rate reductions.

Ok… .

Art Laffer laughs at this.

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