I can't remember a point in my lifetime were this country was more divided

As the topic states I can’t recall anytime in my 40 years that this country has been more divided. I am sure everyone can pick out there favorite boogeyman or woman on the cause but the truth is this has been building up for quiet awhile now and while the current administration might not be helping this predates it.

I remember 9/11, I was in college at the time and how the nation came together as Americans. Now I watch how the country reacts over this virus and the tribalism that kicks in. Diversity has become the new division, we are divided on politics, race, culture, and religion. This year since the way the country descended in chaos from the virus pointing the finger at each other instead of the CCP, the violence, riots, city burnings. I was even reading on the Atlantic some article that was saying that republicans should vote for Biden “Or Else” there will be more violence and rioting. When did elections become a hostage situation?

There is no since of community and with the virus literally changing everything and white collar workers like me can work from home, what incentive are there for me or anyone else that has the means to live in a city were nothing is open and violence and protests rule the day. I am in the process of selling my house, already got and offer and going to move even further from the city in which I live 20 miles out already in the burbs. This suburbs has been taken over anyways from I.T. workers from India which has caused a new flight from the area. I never seen an area change so fast it literally took just three years to go from America to New Delhi, no one talks to each other on the streets in this community anymore and this has become the new normal something that supposed to be celebrated?

Where are we headed as a country? Family values is dead, religion is dying, and all I see celebrated from one side is diversity, that’s it nothing else. As if one can’t read history and see that this pretty much always ends in failure and that America was the exception, but not now we are marching right down the path of former Yugoslavia no end in sight. I would like to think there is a way to keep things together but I really don’t see it, I hope I am wrong but all I see is how Identity has taken over and the idea of assimilation has pretty much died. I see a country divided that should go ahead and divide and admit America has failed instead of continuing this march to destruction. It would be better to divide peacefully like Czechoslovakia did instead of the alternative.

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Can’t stop the revolution!

So what can you do to help?

Compromise with libs?

Its the lib way or else.


“Look what’s happening out in the streets. Got a revolution. Got to revolution.”
– Jefferson Airplane

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I think the difference today is that people are more willing to express their views.

The diversity of opinion has always been there.

Things were very divided when I was growing up. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation kept a photograph and file on me because I attended an anti-war rally at the Topeka state capital building.

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(Still dont get that logic)

But back on topic - I agree - for MY lifetime. But talk to people around the late 60’s to mid 70’s. It was pretty bad. Race Riots, violent protests, watergate, unpopular war, civil rights fight. Reveloution was discussed.

Seems pretty bad. The difference is now we have internet, social media, and what not so everyone can surrournded themselfs with just those that agree with them and all just talk about how crazy the other side is.

I can fix this!

I have my “Fix congress act”

Still working out the finer details - but here it goes

-Any bill that has at least 20% sponsers (86 in house, 20 in senate) HAS to be voted on in committee during the session it was introduced, and if passes the committee - HAS to have a time on the floor and get at least a closure vote. Congress can not recess if there are pending bills that have have meet the threshold but not been acted on.

-Any Bill that passes the house or Senate has the rules above as well.

-Bring back Earmarks. I know - Earmarks got assoicated with wastefull spending. But Earmarks never changed the budgeted amount for anything. What that did do was encourge vote trading and compermise. Got things done. They were elimanted in 2011 - No wasteful spending was cut and all we did was elminate ways for congress to make deals.

WHILE congress is in session - Monday - Friday memebers of congress may not talk to the press. No talk shows, no phone in, no interviews. They can do it on weekends, they can still talk to their districts. But stop debating via fox and CNN. Debate on the floor. Where the debates are SUPPOSE to happen. Elected leaders KNOW the American Public doesnt want to listen to debates. They want to hear quickly that that other side is wrong, evil, and will destory this country. Lets get them back to doing their job. They can explain their reasoning and thought proccess on weekends and when they are done doing their job.

-Personal fines for lying as a memeber of congress. Must be proven that the person knew, or SHOULD Have known, they were saying a complete inaccuracy. For every lie repeated while congress is in session - Ethics violation with $1000 fine from salery. Different of opinons do not count. “I beleive Obama care is a danger to our country, hurts working families, and that Trump can come up with a better plan” is not a lie. Its a opinon.
“Obamacare has death pannels and doesnt gurantee insuranace for people with pre-exsiting conditions -Without Trump - People with pre-existing conditions would be without insurance” is a lie. The ethics committee can decided. (Any FALSE accusations that the accuser knew, or should have known, was false is a lie as well. $1000 fine).

Needs details - but if we FIX congress we can start to make congress work together again which will start to fix the divide.


TDS aside, good post.

that would be great. That would mean building a wall would have been done the first 100 days trump was in office

Maybe. Im not sure it would have got past a clousure vote in the senate. But at least there would have been a vote on record and then move on. (Im not proposing removing the fillibuster. But the mere THREAT of a fillbuster shouldnt kill a bill that otherwise would pass committee. Have the vote).

Tell biden to call off the goons, or tell the dimocrat governors to let the feds take care of it.

It’s that simple.

Nothing more to understand.


Beside the nonsense of your post…
You stated that reelect trump and the protests stop. but he is the current president and he cant get them to stop. its a non sequiter.

oh yeah -One more thing on my fix congress act.
The ethics committee, while split evenly between Republicans and Dems, should have 1 memeber of each party picked from the other.

So the Ranking Dem picks 1 Republican Memeber to be on the committee, the ranking Republican picks 1 dem to be on the board.

Come to think of it -maybe thats not a bad idea for EVERY committee.

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I didn’t say any such thing. I said join the winning team. And I said, stop the street riots.

You said Trump wins and No more street riots. But whatever. Not intrested in this fight.

Please show us where ohknow35 said that.


I’ll ask it again. What can you do to help?

The United States cannot divide peacefully. There are prominent regional cultures that could not thrive as an independent republic.