I cannot make up this stuff up

He is pwasident. He can do anything with those Tom Cruse sunglasses. Pwasident pinhead Biden.

Huh? Libs, liberals, whatever, are fine.

I don’t know, but you will have some immigrants who also have natural immunity, so when comparing the unvaxed American population with the number of immigrants coming through the border it doesn’t really matter.

Well all of it doesn’t mean ■■■■ unless the illegals or anyone else for that matter are tested for antibodies and the morons tossing around mandates accept the results. So far they’ve dismissed antibody counts or immunity and the only testing of (some) illegals is for Covid positivity.
The system at work huh?

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For a little while I was wondering why the mandates don’t offer a third option to test for antibodies, but apparently those tests aren’t very good for actually judging immunity.

The system clearly isn’t working. They should be testing everyone at the border.

I knew you would agree. I am ok you are ok. We are both fine (and in agreement). Cool

The only thing real about Biden is his son, Hunter, laptop. What a ■■■■■■■ idiot. Joe is a half sandwich short of a picnic.

The One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier.

Even Communist countries only take care of their own citizens and have sovereignty.

This flavor that is forming in the U.S is going to fail faster than others that have been tried.


What’s with your obsession with unvaxed Americans? An unvaxed American is not a vector. Many are naturally immune to a standard 17 times that of the vaxed.
And the science says that vaxed Americans are more concentrated vectors of Covid than the unvaxed. They can carry a greater asymptomatic viral load than the unvaxed and remain a threat to the most susceptible. In fact, by the same principle as Fauci proclamation 1.0 “Masks give a false sense of safety”, vaccines give a false sense of safety.

On the other hand, unvaxed natural immunity Americans are no threat to anyone and don’t need a vaccine. And yet you want to insist the state wastes your taxes on forcing them to get one.


They (unvaccinated) are a threat because they (unvaccinated) are free thinkers and not sheeple. Liberals hate free choice except for infanticide. ■■■■ em all.

2021 Democrat mindset. “Our way or to Huawei” - as slave labour, that is.

… at a one sandwich picnic.

Sadly, he knows exactly what he is doing, and it’s all deliberate to weaken the US and advantage his CCP overlords in their quest to crimp more territory on the Go board.

You mean the people pulling his strings know exactly what they are doing. Joe doesn’t know anything that isn’t written on a teleprompter.


It could be an act, so he can claim mental issues when the s*** finally hits the fan.

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If you have watched Biden throughout his political career you should know better than to think that might be a possibility. When the ■■■■ hits the fan, the result will be President Harris.

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Have you noticed how often Psaki and others remind us that Biden has said that the buck stops with him. They are setting him up for removal once the extent of his corruption becomes too obvious to hide any more.

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How do we know who has natural immunity and who doesn’t?

I don’t support government mandates, only employer ones.

I tested positive for Covid three months ago. I am recovered. The medical system that tested me must know I have natural immunity.


I disagree with both of your notions.

Natural immunity is real and liberal notions/liberal nanny state government are not.