I cannot make up this stuff up

What is going on. Biden does his crazy antics on a PR set… a bad Truman Show. They have a border meeting and Harris ain’t there. Biden let’s in a couple million ILLGAL Aliens, don’t test most of them for COVID, and, then buses them around the US of A.

Blunder girl, Psaki, blames anyone outside her boss hog organization and externalizes the issues.

Damn, this is the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier Show with a cast of hundreds.


I am very tired. This is depressing. What is happening to our country.


Did I miss something? I don’t see any crazy antics in the news or Biden being secretly recorded by a camera in that studio.

He was not secretly recorded he is doing his PR antics (like third covid ■■■■■ on set. A bad Truman show). Then he does his jobs speech at the set.

The entire Biden presidency is one giant charade. One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier Show.

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Have you seen the Truman Show?

And what’s wrong with using a set? It’s basically just an bigger fancier briefing room.

We can talk about where the ■■■■ was Harris for the border meeting.

Oh she jetted to NJ to talk about child care and hawk COVID Vaccines while the working class delegates went to Mexico to discuss root causes or not so root causes

I doubt Harris gives a ■■■■ about mass illegal migration.

As I was sayin, I can’t make this ■■■■ up.

Yesa good movie. The life was fake but the guy, Truman, was good. Moving on to Biden and Harris the charade is ■■■■■■ up.

Biden pretends he is Tom Cruz with those sunglasses. He is just a lunatic old man who has brain cell issues. Harris is a weird laugh lady who is just as ■■■■■■ up.

The whole One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier Show has issues.

I suppose we have a very scripted administration… the below article says a lot why Harris is absent from anything important.

Sure ya can…

We could talk about the Super Spreader Event jbiden is creating with these unvaccinated illegals all the while mandating the vaccine shots for Americans or else lose their jobs.

As you said you just can’t make this stuff up. :roll_eyes:

Incredibly Stupid policy.

Democrats and the left are happening

that’s never good.

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they dont care about anything besides their own destructive and degenerate lefty lulu agendas

the last thing they care about is the american people. that is obvious (but only to us thinking (wo)mans)


Circle Back Psak literally blamed the dismal jobs report on the’Rona? AStan, the border, inflation? All Covid too?
Clown show


Well Baghdad Bob Blinken and Mayorkas were there. Situation under control


Millions of illegals crossing our border and hundreds of thousands infected with COVID19 are then being shipped around the country, spreading this virus and potentially murdering uninfected, innocent Americans. No one can point to anything during Trump’s Administration that could even come close to the evil, disastrous, avoidable situation as this current one and “we” aren’t even a year into this. We have lost more lives already in 2021, than in all of 2020 while Bidenites remain silent.


Eat sheople…eat…everything is fiiiiiiiiiiine. Eat…regurgibleat this narrative and tomorrow…repeat.


Now this will be fun to watch.


LA County sheriff said he ain’t doin’ it.


The LA sheriff said he would not comply with the mandate because of too many losses to the department.


How does this like the Truman Show? Biden’s life is real. He really is president and really lives in the White House.

What’s wrong with using a set?