I am for the removal of all males from political office

Face it fellas. We’re currently no good, and we’re only getting worse.

Unless a woman were there to stops us, we’d all meet in the cul-de-sac and punch each other in the faces before we even figure out why.

For the next few cycles, if I have the option, I’m voting for the woman.

…and I hope Nikki Haley 2020 becomes an option.

It’s an interesting concept and it’d be hard to do much worse than the politicians we have now? I just don’t know if I could stand to hear a bunch of Kamala Harrises all screeching at each other?

A session of Congress would sound like a rhesus monkey ■■■■ throwing fight in a cage at the zoo.

Let me look into my crystal ball…you’ll now be accused of racism. :sunglasses:

I was going for misogynist, but I forgot that “monkey” is now a racist word.

I was thinking more along the lines of an episode of the Kardashian’s, or housewives of Beverly Hills.

You are not the first to have such a thought. Twenty four hundred years ago, Aristophanes wrote a play called Ecclesiazusae (AKA The Assemblywomen) in which he explored what would happen if women took over the government.

After implementing the concepts of economic socialism, they add what you might call sexual socialism, in which the redistribution of sexual wealth occurs. Thus the bitter bulldogs are entitled to as much pleasure from healthy young men as the attractive women get.

But the difference between 2400 years ago and now seems to be that in Ecclesiazusae, the impetus for the takeover did not come from emasculated men, but from the women themselves.

It’s in the public domain and can be found on the internet, along with obligatory explanations from liberals explaining that the play was not so much commentary from Aristophanes on women and socialism but was more sophisticated criticism of the current politicians. Yeah… Aristophanes was sophisticated. Here’s an excerpt.

Yes. Firstly, as agreed, I have let the hair under my armpitsgrow thicker than a bush; furthermore, whilst my husband was at the Assembly,I rubbed myself from head to foot with oil and then stood the whole day long in the sun.
So did I. I began by throwing away my razor, so that I mightget quite hairy, and no longer resemble a woman.

In any case, it reminds me that there is nothing new under the sun.

Trust me, all woman Congress would NOT be a good idea. It would be a disaster.

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Remember there used to be a prolific poster at the other site who started a thread about how women weren’t suited for office because they were either PMSing or having menopausal rages lol. Can’t remember his name but I miss his posts. Funny stuff.

Besides… scientific evidence exists that such behaviors never happen.

dont have to worry about the former speaker (and soon to be new speaker of the house) of the house PMSing, CMI. :slight_smile:


hw another one bites the dust.

“Pressley will become the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress, after serving as the first black woman to serve on the city council. Capuano was a 10-term incumbent, representing a district covering an area stretching southwest from Boston. Capuano conceded Tuesday evening.”


stilettos with an attitude

Obviously, the image of reason and decorum.

Did it in 2016, No option in the midterms as my choices in NJ-07 are two white guys.


I trust you…I trust you. :sunglasses:

When you consider how much her cheeks shine from cream, it’s obvious she doesn’t have time for anything else but to attempt to rub the wrinkles out of her vain face.

How do you reconcile Trump’s orange vain face?

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good one…:joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

I can already tell that this thread is going to be epic… like r/the_donald epic.

The thread is primed for some epic boobs references.