I am disappointed at political games from the loonytune liberal progressive leftists


Because of the liberal progressive Democrats intransigence on Border Security and the great importance of Safety for our Nation, I am am deeply disappointed at what Capital Hill has come to be. Of course this is my opinion and the look of many opinions here, a minority view.

I can only hope that moderate democrates and moderate republicans can shape the way our country is going and work with our president to chart the course to a safer and cleaner Washington DC political areana. Peace, Bos’un


Totally ignoring the fact that illegal immigration has been decreasing for years.


Democrats don’t care about open borders. They care about “get Trump” and nothing else.


The one thing that you guys don’t get is that Trump doesn’t give a rats ass about border security. He only wants the win. He needs to keep his campaign promise about the wall. And as long as he is driven by the CEC he will not let it go. He has therefore manufactured a “national crisis” and constantly spits out talking points that are lies. He has convinced his supporters that $5B will secure our border. So what happened to the $25B - $70B estimates? Why are you guys buying into the lie that this little wall will stop the drugs and terrorists and gang members from coming into the country? You guys are getting played again and would realize it if you took the time to do your homework. And please stop with the Democrats only want open borders and eliminate ICE. The Democrats on the hill have voted every time for border security funding. But those were sensible methods. Not just for a campaign promise win.


We have had bank robberies for longer than that.

Illegal immigration was always wrong. Its just now that someone actually wants to enforce the laws that leads those who don’t like those laws to have a fit.


The walls that are there now help greatly, according to those actually involved in enforcing our border security. Any additional funding will be a plus for our security.

So why do Democrats want less border security than more? The answer is the reverse of your statement. Many leading Democrats are not so hyped on not building the wall as they are in “gettting Trump” in any way they can.


I mean … most of Trump’s support is based on pissing off liberals.


I doubt it.


Haha. Wait … you doubt that? Get a clue friend.


I’ll add. Supporting Trump because you know he pisses off liberals is actually more acceptable in my mind. Cause then you don’t have to admit that you actually support the views of a cheating, lying, con man. But hey, to each their own.


It doesn’t take much to piss of liberals, you’re average American patriot triggers them! :roll_eyes:


You should take your own advice!


Ok. You don’t think its a crisis. Even so, you should support our enforcing our laws.


You’re right. People support Trump for his long held, strong conservative beliefs.


Why do you hate America?


You guys are doubling down on the same things that allowed the Democratic Party to be beaten by a clown in 2016. Doubling down on PC culture, The women’s march ran by someone who won’t denounce Farrakhan who said Jews were termites, as well as a lady who loves Sharia law and Hamas, and no cares whatsoever about border security.

If you lose in 2020 these will be the reasons why. The map will look eerily similiar to 2016. I am already seeing signs of 2016 again as the democrats start with their apology tour.

Some are sorry for being tough on criminals others because something they said back when “Saved by the Bell” was running. People are sick of the PC culture and the left is going full speed ahead with it.


Still totally ignoring the fact that illegal immigration has been decreasing for years.


Is this thread supposed to be humorous ?


I’m triggered by whatever language this sentence is supposed to be.


Who con man?