I am disappointed at political games from the loonytune liberal progressive leftists


None of those has anything to do with his policies.

By definition most politicians are liars and con artists and if they at all follow American trends on average at least 60-70% of them have cheated on at least one spouse.


Yep. That’s why CEOs like Lyin’ Don should be held accountable for hiring undocumented workers. Don’t you agree?


How many have hired as many illegals as Lyin’ Don?

Good Trumpsplaining though.

Toughest critic.


Quit trying to derail the thread. If you want to talk about illegals working for Trump’s organization there’s a thread for that.


So liberals are not Patriots?


Conman trump shaped his one policy, border security, on Mexico paying for it. Suckers at his rallies chanted “build that wall” and voted for the conman based on his policy. He lied about the policy, yet instead of his base being upset over his lie, they just go along with whatever garbage he spews now.

Build those slats!
Build those chain-link fences!
Build those pikes!


Sounds like Gitmo.


Here’s a take on this subject that is directly addressing how the media is attempting to spin the MAGA hat into racism and further divide our nation. It’s amazing to me, the intelligent people who are really sheople being fed what they are to believe and regurgitate. It’s really getting baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaad.


You’re right, they don’t care about open borders. That’s why we don’t have them and they aren’t pushing for them.


I have to laugh whenever I see the “open borders” line. I guess it’s possible there could be some minor fringe group somewhere that may be pushing for something like that, but it certainly isn’t mainstream by any measure.


Ok…Democrats care for borders that are more open than Republicans care for.


They kicked out the moderate dems…

…Socialism is the new way for dems.


I wish democrats would abolish ICE but the emigre gestapo must continue apparently.


Awwww thats just too damn bad aint it?


I think a lot of trump supporters are a bit concerned that fat donald is going to close the government again, which is the main reason why many of them keep spreading the lie that “libs” are for open borders.


That’s just the mirror image of the party of “make Obama a one term president”.

The open borders thing is just a CEC talking point. There are probably as many Republicans who want a sea-to-sea wall across the southern border.


With the latest numbers in about illegal immigration, your comment is rather funny. David Letterman retired from the late night joke show, Bro


You elect a man like Trump and expect things to be normal? Get the ■■■■ out of here with that.


Hey brother, it’s another fine day to be an American, huh? :sunglasses:


Things are pretty darn good.