I agree with Steve Hilton

The apocalyptic news, Trump haters, lunatic left, and liberal talking heads have been hashing and rehashing the resignation of the Secretary of Defense James Mattis,"

The apocalypse is when America’s elected president is no longer supervised by the unelected ruling establishment. They even gave it a name the “Committee to Save America.” It included not just the military’s Mattis and Kelly, but Exxon’s Rex Tillerson and Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn.

I saw hogwash to the establishment and status quo. Fat cats making money on the backs of Americans stink. What say you?


As long as they march in step and obediently follow orders they’re great Americans.

As soon as they decide to speak their mind or leave the administration, they’re RINOs/deep state/establishment. We get it. We’ve seen it over and over now. No need to continue.


Sure. But don’t go full stupid and elect someone like Trump.

But Trump hires only the best, no?


Not a cult


I say I’m board with the “establishment” card to excuse ineptitude.

Man, do I hate auto correct and the inability to edit.

You are right. I am not a cult for the establishment and status quo. BZ, Jezcoe.

You can edit. As for establishment and status quo, ■■■■ em.

There is a difference between wanting to change the status quo and shooting oneself in the head.

Not everyone. I can’t for example

I can’t edit. I don’t have the requisite forum rank.

You will as you post more. Give it some time…

Sure. I’d love a trajectory change. At the same time, I can spot a bs line like blaming the establishment for Trump’s personnel blunders.

This is really the only response needed.

Mattis and Kelly were hailed as brilliant picks when they were chosen.

What I find interesting is that there are people who take the word of a Brit-Steve Hilton-over the integrity of our own US generals. Weird.

I cannot edit.

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Hold on, Steve Hilton is a British citizen? :rofl: Dude should shut the ■■■■ up and mind his own business.


Btdubs, Hilton, Mattis resigned. He wasn’t fired.

He is. He was an adviser to David Cameron for a number of years before becoming a Fox host.

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Fox gave him a show too. See, the world loves Trump because a British guy loves him.