I agree with Steve Hilton

Muh establishment!

It was not my intent to say anything that offended anyone. So four of my post were yanked. Sorry folks I will try to do better next time. Your lovable, Bos’un. PS I agree with Steve Hilton. He does a great job.

Never been much a fan of military crossover in politics…reckon both sides could agree on stopping lobbying after leaving pol positions tho.

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You have a valid point

No, he does not.

Ever notice how they always bring on British hosts to push drivel like this?

Just like British guys always do the narration for moon hoax videos and other conspiracy theories.

It’s as if they think “British people SOUND smart, so people will buy the absolute dreck they’re pushing”.

But we do tho, and it works.

I still agree with Steve Hilton. And, I am an American…