Hurricane Maria Death Toll: 1427


OK, got ya.


I’m sure that makes a BIG difference for them.


Couldn’t tell you. Have they?


I have no reason to believe they have been.

Or haven’t been. I’m not sure if I want to make a double negative or not.


Um. That was my point.


it appears that some people think so…


and we’re back to where we started… What’s your point?


Have the death toll numbers from the hurricane in Puerto Rico been inflated by the government there?


To arrive at the latest approximation, the Harvard researchers conducted a randomized survey of 3,299 households across Puerto Rico, and used the findings to calculate an overall mortality rate for the period of 20 September through 31 December 2017, which was compared to mortality rate during the same period in 2016. The result was an “excess death rate” attributable to the hurricane and its aftermath, which the researchers then extrapolated to the population as a whole:

Do you remember EXACTLY what I said? My comment was attributing the aftermath deaths with those that died during the hurricane. You attempted to turn something logical into your idea of racism. What you did is the perfect example of why our country is polarized, it’s very ugly and you should be ashamed.


Just to be clear… the article reported a surge of people who called a hotline and said they were thinking about suicide.


Is it groundhog day?

Does it matter whether Smyrna was here or not to even have questioned the numbers of another hurricane or are you going to go and interrogate his spouse to find the answer to this most uncompelling question?

Have you defended the numbers of each hurricane as vigorously? Can you prove it?


Well you can throw out any talk of hurricanes from 1-20-09 through 1-20-17. None happened during that time.

The oceans receded.


Have the death toll numbers from the hurricane in Puerto Rico been inflated by the government there?


You’re the self-appointed death toll monitor. You tell me.


Out of the 1427 “deaths”, how many of those are American citizens? Just like how we don’t care about the hundreds of illegals who die attempting to cross the border every year, we really don’t care about the illegals who died because of hurricane Maria.


Why should we care about someone dying in the attempt to commit a crime? They chose that path, we did’t force them into it.


Those ■■■■■■■ Democrats who have been running that island for decades certainly deserve GREAT SCORN for how little prepared they were and how BAD their infrastructure was…Right?

Had they done their JOB perhaps they might not have had such total destruction, such a high death toll and such a HUGE problem rebuilding their horrible system, and that’s even taking into account that they were hit TWICE that week and on an island and NOT one super-highway away from a constant stream of relief efforts.



Maria was a horrible storm and the death rate went up, but determining how many were really caused by Maria is a matter of judgement.

For example, death rates go up in winter. I could not find statistics for the US, but in Britain they estimate that even a mild winter results in 43000 extra deaths, mainly among the elderly. The numbers in the US could be several times higher given the larger population and more severe climate. By this logic, normal winter storms kill tens of thousands of people.


Boy you called that right on the money.

Yeah, I know, but where did they get another 1500 deaths in the past month??

Beats me. Made them up??



Interesting since those kinds of things are counted all the time. For example, I went thru Hurricane Allen in 1980…the two killed in Kingsville (where I was stationed) were killed by downed power lines AFTER the hurricane went thru. They were counted.