Hurricane Maria Death Toll: 1427


I’m trying to recall him casting aspersions at posters for asking about numbers.

I don’t think accusing people was as cool back then.


i don’t think he has. i can’t every remember him questioning the numbers on any other hurricane. just this one in Puerto Rico. if he has he can certainly say so.


Who cares if he did or not? What’s your point?


damn, did you not read the thread? here, let me help…


What’s your point?


damn, here let me spoon feed you…

“I think they’re counting someone who died of a heart attack removing debris, drank contaminated water or run over by caravans delivering supplies? Since the source of this number is so vague, it’s hard to infer what makes it up.”

why is he questioning only thing hurricane?


So coy.



what’s coy? has he questioned the numbers of other hurricanes? if so, then he can say so and is consistent. if not, then what’s his reason for doing so on this one?


Why are you making this about him? What point are you so clumsily trying to make?

What would it mean if he had not questioned other numbers?


i actually don’t remember anyone here questioning the death toll for any other hurricanes (maybe in New Orleans?). so why now? is this just a ploy to protect his favorite politician?


LOL goofy. I was providing an example in Katrina specifically for a reason.

You not being a member here during another hurricane may not be a good enough of an excuse. :joy:

Dang I gotta go to work. :tired_face:


E for effort.


Have a super, duper…“double scooper” day my friend.


yeah, i didn’t think i’d get any proof of questioning the numbers of other hurricanes.




There was a great deal of discussion nationwide about the Katrina numbers and it went on for years.

Can the classless race baiting.


Have the death toll numbers from the hurricane in Puerto Rico been inflated by the government there?


This forum didn’t even exist in 2005.


When did the Hannity 1.0 get its start?

I originally joined a some point in 2006, if I remember correctly. I re-joined in 2008, after losing my password.


I’m talking about this forum. It’s not like we can go through the archives of the old forum to find past threads and posts.