Hurricane Maria Death Toll: 1427


Remember though, it was well handled, and not a
“real disaster like Katrina.”

Power was only just restored to most of the island… yesterday.


I saw Trump personally rescue Puerto Rico when he was throwing those paper towels.


Statistics are fun!


Not so much when you’re talking about people’s lives.


I read the link. Seems someone would have counted the number of dead and missing in the aftrmath, or near-aftermath of the storm.

It seems someone did, and they arrived at the number 64. Then new metrics were introduced, and nowhere in the link does it say, that 1427 were killed in the storm.

Just more whinging with another pathetic attempt to lay the dead at trump’s feet and to blame him for a natural disaster.

Here’s a hint, if you live on an island an in the Caribbean that, without fail, has 15-20 hurricanes forming/passing nearby/through every year, be prepared for said hurricanes. And I’m not talking about just individuals. I’m talking about the entire bankrupt government of that island.

Help will be on the way, but guess what? You’re on an island that just got devastated by a hurricane and the hurricane is moving directly in the path of help.


Although the final toll has not been reported, it is the government who is making the latest estimate. And no where does the author try to blame the president for the hurricane. It does question the response. Do you also?


The article didn’t claim that 1427 died “in the storm” is said “Hurricane Maria that more than 1,400 people likely died on the island because of the storm,…”.

“Because of” does not mean “in”.




What more did they need?



The death toll from the storm was listed as 64. The link talks about the trump administration response and now wants to up the total to 1427.

Yeah we’re not supposed to infer anything from that.

Looks like someone dived in head first.


Who wants to up the number? Yeah, the government of PR. What do you think is going on?


Hey remember when Donald’s first response to Maria was to blame Puerto Rico and when his second was to attack that mayor who was begging for help?

And then he went and chucked towels at people?

I remember.


death. not so much.


But space force!


"I’d say [our response] was a 10. There’s never been anything like that. I give ourselves a 10.”


Oh, come’on man. There is nothing funner that playing volleyball with paper towels to provide aid during a disaster.



I think a lot of Americans don’t consider them Americans.


Sure hope they figure out how to prepare for and survive a hurricane!

No one seems to know how to do that.

Last night it rained so hard, my SO’s back yard got flooded. I sure wish the government had been there to help us. We had to push the water out with brooms. Today I decided that a submersible pump with auto start would be a good addition to her back yard. But I didnt know which government office to call to get a free one. I didn’t even know which government office to call to get good advice. I took a chance and ordered one that I’m going to pay for. Crazy … I know. To make things worse I don’t know if the government will ensure that there will be electricity in the next big storm. In the past the government failed to provide me with a good deep cycle battery and inverter to handle small emergency power needs like that pump. So I probably can’t count on the government to advise me on whether the battery that I bought myself (again… crazy, aint it?) can power that pump. I really need the government.


1427 died?

It’s probably much smaller after you convert from whatever life currency they use out there on Mexico Island.

Fake news.


Since there is no puzzle that I need to solve, I don’t need a clue.


NYT… 'nuff said.