Hunter will be sprung

Hunter Biden claims he is ‘100% certain’ he’ll be cleared of wrongdoing in DOJ investigation.

I say because he is a Biden, he probably will (be cleared of anything illegitimate.) Well maybe not his kid.

He also knows to know nothing about that laptop that some have claimed was his. He says it was disinformation and a smear campaign. It is all part of the Biden One Horse Pony Show.

He’s too privilege(D) to face charges for his crimes.


Amen… It is called LIBERAL PRIVLEDGE. His Navy Discharge will be eventually be expunged, too. It does not support the Liberal Privilege Narrative.


The coin flip didn’t come up “innocent until proven guilty” this time.


Seeing a 45 year old with his crack pipe party photos was bad enough.

There is no reforming him. Just keep him out of China and Russia.


That only works in a Cheech and Chong movie.

Make him ambassador to China. That would be a wise guy idea. He did nothing wrong in China…

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The Soap Opera, “As the Biden’s Turn” is still on.

What exactly are his crimes?

I will agree that using his name and his dad’s position to make money is pretty gross… but it isn’t illegal.

It isn’t even technically illegal.

What crimes are he not being charged for?

I wish they are as hard on Gaetz as they are on hunter.

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He would. go full party monster with diplomatic immunity.

I say make him ambassador to Amsterdam. He can have fun and not ruin any international relations. Sleepy Joe would be so proud.

Like I said make him Ambassador of China or at least give him an office at the Whitehorse. (Biden One Horse Pony Administration)

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Nah. I am not for having family members in the government.

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Another Republican scandal mongering attempt falls on its face, awhile ago. Oh no. Did not see that coming.

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And the Ukraine and LA.


Most tweakers I’ve known came from particularly ■■■■■■ family environments.


Ironic threads whose irony derives from a lack of self reflection…the best kind of threads.


who is not reflecting my dearest JayJay?

The Soap Opera, “As the Biden’s Turn” continues

Hunter reflects on his ■■■■■■ up decisions… But looks at them through Liberal Privilege rosy glasses.