Hunter Going To Prison!

Yes representative Duncan Hunter is going to prison. After being convicted. And rightfully so. Only eleven months. Not too bad.


That’s a shame.

Good. Crooked bastard. Lock him up.

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But his district still elected him in 2018. And it wasn’t even close. After he was indicted. People are sometimes really really ■■■■■■■ stupid. He was a scumbag not even counting the corruption conviction.

…and I’m hearing this from those that voted for Joe? OMG! The irony is unbelievable. :sunglasses:


His district is in California. Not surprised.

Maxine Waters.

There’s a district in Texas that keeps sending Sheila Jackson Lee.


There is no irony. His district elected an indicted man because he was a Republican. And that man is now going to jail for almost a year(and that was a nice sentence). With his wife ready to testify against him(and she’s doesn’t look too good in this either). There is no comparison to Biden.


And Darryl Issa.

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Devin Nunes

This thread isn’t about Maxine Waters, it’s about Hunter, but I’ll play along, what was she indicted for? I’ll give you a minute to think about that.

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I am a Democrat for the most part but even I admit there are some on the Left which only serve to inflame tensions and do not work well across the aisle. We need to get past this and start working together to get things done.

Maxine Waters has been problematic to that end for some time. I think we need some fresh blood in the Democratic Party, people like Katie Porter, who I absolutely admire.

Republicans are every bit as guilty. Of course the House is supposed to be a bit crazy.

The title is misleading. Some were expecting a different hunter.

It’s accurate

I liked the twist when I clicked on the thread. Enjoyable surprise, actually.


Was gonna mention that name too.

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We’ll be able to reuse the thread next year or so for the other “hunter”.

I was going to say, Marion Barry.


But that knife cuts both ways.