Hunt the leaker

So the Whit House has, it seems, launched a hunt for the person or persons who leaked the Russians bounty for GI’s story. So who do we think it is? Rouge intel agents or a member of the inner circle

That’s what the administration should be focusing on.


Ah. This reminds me of the new Lincoln Project ad that addressing that Most of Trump’s circle leaks.


Leaked what?

I thought this was made up fake news.


I thought of that right away too. :joy:

Tell you what the folks over at the Lincoln Project nailed it again.


This administration contradicts itself so often one has to wonder if it’s a parody act.

Khmer Rouge?

So the White House is on the hunt for someone who leaked fake news?

That seems like a worthy thing to spend time on.

If the story is true, it would seem to me that the time would be better spent trying to find a way to protect our soldiers.

But hey - that’s just me.


Sorry bad spelling

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I am guessing it was Yuri.

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If it was Yuri, I see no way out for him.

It was uncertain and unverified intelligence data.
The hoax was that it was presented to the president.

Maybe msnbc didnt make that clear for you.

The unauthorized disclosure likely put some people’s lives in danger. The leaker needs to be found.

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The thing is that this being kept from the President is a horrible excuse.

I wonder though how long it is before we find out that this was in the PDB’s and the President just didn’t read it.

If it wasn’t briefed, it wasn’t presented.

Well, if it had some really big pictures next to it, he might have read it. Maybe.

Unverified Intel is just noise.

Or in some cases it is part of a ferreting plan by the enemy to determine where THEIR leaks are.

The leaker should face capital punishment

Keep on going with that.

It’s based upon experience. I dont need to read it on MSNBC like you do.


He wasn’t briefed because it wasn’t verified.

I don’t care who we have as President, you cannot fill up their day with rumors.