Hundreds of Newspapers collude to attack Trump

Proving they are mindlessly partisan hundred of newspaper across the country have colluded to print editorials attacking Trump for taking on the leftist media.

They pretend their obvious bias and hatred for half the country in not the reason they are failing.
Anyone can tell the difference between fawning over Obama and constantly attacking Trump except the people living in the bubble we call the press. They have been mistrusted as a wing of the dems long before Trump showed up. So, they must live in a dysfunctional bubble. Try winning back conservative readers. They would be the most loyal of all.


It’s almost as if entities constantly being attacked as “fake” and “enemies of America” by a serial liar, idiot, and overall scumbag might actually decide to fight back.


revoke the first ! we need a truth commission !

When do they find the time to read between being brainwashed by Fox News and talk radio?

So, only fat donald can fight back?

They’re just telling it like it is!

They’re being non-pc!

Womp womp.

Uh, oh.

Looks like newspapers are triggering the snowflakes.

If America was great again, the Chairman of the RNC politburo wouldn’t be calling the press the enemy of the people.

They don’t hit first, they are counter punchers

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i don’t really care do u

Everybody is against you!

Oh look, you’re the snowflake victims now.

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That would be a leftist idea…


They are just partisan democrats. How else do you explain the difference between the IRS scandal coverage and the fake witch hunt, which is just a cover up of illegal FISA abuse.

If they are not trusted, it’s their fault not Trumps.

If Trump was suggesting bombing Libya for no reason, I’m sure amnesty international would not be too afraid to count the civilian deaths he caused.

Gosh, Trump is even making them get better…

Because two of those are fake scandals that have been disproven multiple times, and the only one you labeled “fake” has resulted in dozens of indictments already.

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Obviously. not, if the newspapers are whining like little girls that they are hated for bias…