Hundreds of children separated from their parents by US border agents

The link and piece down below is an Independent News article, one that is basically a cover piece, with their particular take, off a New York Times piece about the recent practice of Border Patrol Agents under the Trump Administration increasingly separating minor children from adults that are illegally crossing our Southern border with those children.

There have been issues with more adults crossing over, using not only their own children as a means to be released quicker, if apprehended, but there has been an increase of adults who are not the parents also using minor children in this manner.

The article covers pros and cons about the practice and includes some “human interest” angles from a mother who was recently separated from her young son; as well as input from the ACLU and other human rights groups.

My take is that as long as the separations are for legitimate reasons, in particular to preserve the safety of the child, I am okay with CBP being more aggressive in this manner.

If there is any hint this is being done in a merely punitive manner I would find that abhorrent.

Frankly, I have never been one that thinks it is almost always best to keep kids with their parents. I can’t help but feel that parents putting their minor children at risk of crossing into this country illegally, and fully intentionally, are already suspect of having the best interest of the children at the forefront.

The bottom line is, I support this President Donald Trump prioritization of immigration and border control.

What say you?

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I always worry when i find us agreeing on something.


The way that story reads makes it sound incredibly messed up. I don’t think any decent person would support that the way it was described.

My son is in a Florida prison for life because of the 3 strikes law. Never killed anyone. Never used a gun. Just 3 stupid ‘felonies’. Yet I’m supposed to care about the the illegals?

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I’m sorry for your troubles. Truly.

Thanks Sneaky. We could sure use him around here to help us oldsters out. I sent an email to Gov Scott, but probably won’t get a response.

We likely agree on far more than we realize.

I love America. You love America.

I love Texas. You love Texas.

See. Not so scary.

Speaking of Texas, how are the Blue Bonnets this year?

I am a decent person. That may not have been the best article to use. I had used up my free access for the month to the NYT website who had a better article.

Also I have been following this issue for awhile.

From all the background I have read up on I have not really run across any information to back up claims this is just punitive.

While that attitude is very God like of you, the 29 year old Mother did not try to enter the country illegally. She presented herself to immigration officers and asked for protection for her and her son.

I’ll be praying for you.

From what? Honduras isn’t at war.

So what… That’s your reason for supporting stealing her kid?

Blue. They’re always blue.

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So sorry to hear that. I have always opposed the stupid 3 Strike laws. I oppose people engaging in criminal acts. But 3 Strike or other mandatory minimum sentencing laws destroys what I feel is and should be the “case by case” basis of our justice system.

True, but some springs they so thick upon the hillsides one would swear they had been mechanically planted.

Other times I remember them as so many little islands of blue surrounded by green.

Her child was not stolen. Her child was removed for the betterment of the child.

We don’t have time to be planting wild flowers. We’re too busy destroying the earth with our drilling, shooting each other with our guns and hatin’ Mexicans and homosexes.

She is getting protection for her and her son. Her case is being processed. I am sorry CBP didn’t give her a furnished apartment, a car, a job with a living wage, and tickets for her and her son to go to Disneyland. But hey, times are tough all over.

And just like the story, that statement is incredibly messed up. Incredibly messed up.

Then what the hell do ya’ll do after breakfast?