Huge Clue to Trump's Court Pick

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch wrote an op-ed article on Friday to bolster President Donald Trump’s soon-to-be-announced Supreme Court nominee in which he referred to the pick with the pronouns “her” and "she."
Trump has a shortlist of potential nominees, but there’s only one woman on it: Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett would be the most controversial pick. She’s a devout Catholic with 7 kids. Obviously the pinkos think she is strongly anti-abortion and anti-Roe. I’m sure she is. Susan Collins has strongly hinted that she won’t vote for her.

I wouldn’t trust to much on what Orrin Hatch says. He is a hardcore religious right.

I don’t care who Trump picks but no Supreme Court Justice should be viewing or interpreting the constitution from a religious perspective.


She would be a perfect pick to replace Ginsburg with. :laughing:

By far the most important quality is whoever pisses of liberals most.

Because that’s how we make decisions in this country now.

I’m not sure that’s the smart thing to do in this case. Trump only has a 1 vote majority in the Senate- 2 if you count Pence. I don’t think Barrett can be confirmed. I may be wrong.

Yes. Let’s count on Trump making the smart decision.

I was rather referring to his supporters. @conan for instance had made it clear his priority for this country is to first and foremost piss of libs.

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Let him try…it fails he has a backup…that fails and he would have to I assume go more moderate

I think the only one of his final 3 that would have a problem is Barrett, because of the Roe vs Wade stigma that surrounds her. That might run off a few squishy Republicans.

Really and not the bible trumps the law thing?

That is very accurate.

She’s never said that. It’s been said about her, most notably by Feinstein.

Yes…yes she has…

Amy Coney Barrett is a judicial nominee the likes of which we have rarely seen: a person who believes and has stated that judges can and should put their personal beliefs ahead of the law and Constitution when carrying out their duties. Specifically, Barrett has written that judges should put their religious faith ahead of the law in certain cases. She also has written that judges should not have to abide by precedent if they disagree with how past cases were decided. These views are so contrary to our system of democracy and justice that, in our view, they clearly disqualify her for the federal bench.

She is dangerous and anti American…she is a threat to our laws. But at least it’s not sharia right?

I was wrong about her not saying it.
I agree with you about the religious angle. I wouldn’t vote for her if I was a senator.
I don’t agree about precedent. Clarence Thomas shares her views. If precedent was binding we would never had Brown vs Board of Education.

Hopefully that is enough for the Senate to reject her should she be nominated.

I agree. She will lose Republican votes and there aren’t any to lose.

That’s fine…and a more reasonable opinion…saying the bible trumps our laws is dangerous…but then I pointed this out years ago and was mocked for it…yet here we are.

I’m sure it wont be

That didn’t bother you at all when the 4 lefty Justices were appointed did it?

They all vote based on personal feelings imo.

Personally I would like to have 9 centerest judges on the court with no liberals or conservatives.

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