How to tell when its safe to reopen

Here where I live – the smaller stores put putchase restrictions in place much earlier than the national retailers. Local places have more local control. The national big boxes don’t really know how to do anyting other than all stores nationwide will do . . . .

The grocery store I shop at, as soon as they noticed a run on items put restrictions at first on every item in the store (limit of 3 per item), people would go in buy, take it home and head right back to the store again. Two and three times a day. Not much you can do to stop that.

that may very well be. but 2 weeks is not today or last week like a lot of places have done

Exactly. He can curl up in a corner as long as he likes but he doesn’t get to decide for us.

I was out playing golf yesterday myself.


Sure there is. Costco tied purchases to their memberships. Fred Meyer could have tied purchases to rewards numbers, but didn’t.

Thank you. Everyone is excited and that sure beats the “deer in the headlight” looks I got on March 29th when I announced our business plan going forward with respect to the upcoming pandemic being yelled from the rooftops by the MSM. Some…were actually scared for their lives.

I think the country is starting to turn the corner. Much to the chagrin of lefties who want it to continue until nov.


I totally agree and again, thank you.


You are welcome. I hope your business flourishes.


This is all about getting the Kid Sniffer elected for the left. All of this, was a desperate play at the White House.

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In the 1970s we used to laugh at USSR for people standing in line for meat and TP.

Good times they were.


I see it too.

It’s over no matter what the case and fatality numbers are.

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If they do social distancing, the lines will stretch to downtown Orlando.

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What’s the reason every other country in the world adopted similar or (mostly) more stringent measures?

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Their sheeple are more docile than our sheeple.

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And more alive, generally, as a result.

If you say so. :rofl:


True. But the patience of our sheeple has it’s limits. This is a one time deal. After the destruction of this lockdown, I don’t think another one will be tolerated. One and done.

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Absolutely. The government would try to go a lot further next time as well.

And more totally wiped out. As I said before. The American people allowed this once. I don’t think we will stand for it again.

So absent a lockdown/quarantine/whatever, as has been accepted as the only way to effectively handle a pandemic for at least a century, what you you suggest should be done if/when infections and deaths spike as restrictions are prematurely lifted?