How to tell when its safe to reopen

when disney world does.
the mouse doesnt leave money on the floor. as soon as its safe to reopen they will.
until then its not safe

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You are quite welcome to stay holed up. Nobody is forcing you to leave your safe space.


You don’t get to decide for me.


Stay afraid and curled in a corner. You have that right.

No one is forcing you to go outside.


Well this is the logical next step for the safe space crowd, a life like this.


Disney opened it’s Shanghai park.

I told you it would be OK…with mitigation.


It’s funny because it’s true. :rofl:

Bear in mind Disney Shanghai has been closed since Jan 25th (opens on 5/11) with more stringent mitigations. So it comes down to timing and the shape/height of the curve.

Here’s a good description of what the new normal will look like there and what we can expect for the foreseeable future:

Looks like in a couple weeks it will be safe then.

Walt Disney World has just announced that a phased reopening of Disney Springs will begin on May 20, 2020. In this post, we’ll share details about the reopening of the entertainment complex, which will open its restaurants and retail ahead of the theme parks.


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Come out when toilet paper is back in the shelf.
Be afraid though. The new fear is you can get it by staying home.


Has been on the shelf at our three grocery stores for several weeks now.

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lol Moonshine threads are the best. :+1:


Have fun hiding in your closets, libs. :rofl:


Not quite on topic but it isn’t too long till Mickey loses his copy protection. The last time we came close to that we had the millennial copyright act that extended ownership of Mickey. I wonder what new law we will have to extend this again.

Well that’s complete nonsense.

Disney won’t be reopening until they are allowed to by the state and federal orders.

As soon as they are allowed to, they will be reopening.

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I can’t tell when it’s safe, so I take measures as if they are not. I don’t think I’ll get into a car accident but I’ll still wear my seatbelt. I don’t think I’m going to die any time soon but I’ll be paying life insurance premiums until I do. This is life. There is always a danger. The question is, does this danger pose such a threat, that we should all stay inside? I don’t think so based on the evidence. The real criminals in this whole thing…is the mainstream media’s constant panic reports throughout March that mentally disturbed our whole nation, prior to actually having data to base an intelligent decision on. My business is opening up in full on Monday. There will be processes in place that will help mitigate the danger to the level both employees and customers can be mentally comfortable that they are reasonably safe.

When they start doing White House tours again then you’ll know it’s safe .


Well stuff like that tends to happen when idiots stop stockpiling it. Weird, I know. We were never really at risk of running out until people started buying more than they’ll ever possibly need, en masse. If the stores weren’t more concerned about profits, they would have put limits in place sooner to prevent those shenanigans, but hey, they were still making money, so it was all good, until enough people complained about it, then suddenly it was an issue.

Good for you! Congratulations! :+1: :grin:


The funniest anyway. Though he probably doesn’t intend them to be funny. :grin: