How to Open Your "Non-Essential" Business

Socialism is socialism. The left will get us there eventually…

The states with the best stats are the most open…

The opposite of corporatism is not socialism.

And remember, folks:


Death is something brand new?!

It isn’t, but state and federal government officials deciding what people need and don’t need is.

■■■■ that ■■■■■

It appears the states reopening economies that never should have been closed in the first place have less confirmed cases.

■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ expressions like. “quarantine, shelter in place”, as well as government officials deciding what jobs are & are not “essential”, leaving small businesses in particular to go under.

Someone else wants to hide and not come out, fine, but they never should have been allowed to force that choice on others. Time to lift bans & get healthy adults back to work.


Amazon uses the market power they have developed to kill nascent companies and stifle innovation and competition.

It is.

And that was the only point of contention around which some accommodation might have eventually been reached…until talk media started convincing many Trump supporters that this was actually “The End Of Our Nation Being Close at Hand Because of The Greatest Liberal Power Grab Of All Time”.

All so the GOP could hold onto THEIR power.

Then it became a race to see who could be more silly and melodramatic for no benefit to themselves…while people died.

The Ultimate Gaslighting.


Who or what decides now?

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Now address the other side of the equation.

Great post. I agree 100 percent. :+1: :grin:


What “other side” would you like to see?

It was a hyperbolic reaction to shelter orders that may or may not have gone too far.

It was not an “Ultimate a Threat To Our Freedoms And Our Constitution”…and it was silly that it was made thus.

If someone who is on “that side” wishes to put forth a rational argument as to why they think it was the Ultimate Democratic Power Grab, they are welcome to do so.

This side.

I’ve presented that side already.

You know what’s new?

100,000 dead in 3 months WITH the lockdowns


Thanks for doing more harm than good, governments “of the people!”



Can’t say I ever saw it as a democratic power grab. Considering plenty of Republican governments, my state included, were busy shutting down everything too. I think it was a stupid move by either side for the most part.

And if some of the dire predictions from a lot of economists comes to pass, I look forward to all of them paying with their jobs, on both sides of the aisle.

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Here is a majority in one state. Most on the other side of the U S—New York—are also tied to nursing homes.

Relatively few have been among young, healthy people, & why is there relatively little mention of those who have survived, including two on this forum.

Care to explain those of us over 50 and those with problems like diabetes & asthma going to work? Or a 99 year old man who survived?

The economy never should have been shut down. Those who want to remain homebodies were always free to do so, & the free market would have decided the fate of jobs & what businesses survived, or failed.

If you don’t get it by now you never will. The fact that people still need to be reminded what asymptomatic carriers are and how dangerous that is, is incredible.

Oh, and no one ever claimed EVERYONE ABOVE 90 WILL DIE


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How are the asymptomatic carriers going to get to me in my home? I haven’t see any lurking in my bushes.

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That’s the whole ■■■■■■■ point of the lockdown. Glad you’re getting it

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