How to Open Your "Non-Essential" Business

  1. Open an online store

  2. Sign up with Ebay, Amazon, etc.

  3. Open a grocery section with several isles stocked full of canned goods, dried beans/rice/lentils/oats, etc., snacks, frozen foods, milk, bread, non-prescription meds, the whole thing. That’s how Wally World stays open

  4. Open another section with Hardware, etc. That’s how Lowe’s stays open

  5. Put all those social distancing signs up, blue X’s & arrows on the floors, & limit how many can enter at a time.

  6. Have masks/gloves for employees if you have to sew them yourself

  7. Put up a sign outside advertising you are now a grocery/hardware store WITH your former items still in stock (LIKE Wally World does)

  8. Ring the register!


Play the same game as the big box stores.

Seems easy enough.

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From January 1st to now, almost 3 million people died of starvation due poverty worldwide. In the same time period 60,000 died from coronavirus. If we keep the economy closed long enough, we will not be worried near as much about the virus as we will about poverty.

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The economy being shut down for a small period of time or the health of my family. Gee, tough decision. :roll_eyes:


■■■■ Amazon. They are a bigger threat to our economy than China.

The US is spending close to $4 trillion a year on healthcare. Think how strong our economy would be if we just let nature take its course? That $4 trillion would go a long way if we used it for the healthy.

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Even better. Give that money to the military.


Imagine the type of wall $4 trillion would buy. It would be magnificent!


Yep - delivering goods right to your door and giving mom & pop stores a platform to be competitive with the big box stores - that’s really dangerous stuff right there.

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Small period is the point of contention.

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Yes we should only provide healthcare to those who have show keeping them alive is worth it.

Soma a day keeps the doctor away

Depends on the state.

I’ll try and find the article . . . one state is telling store they must remove all non essential items from the shelfs so they can’t be puchased.

Death panels?

More like letting the free market decide who should die or something.

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Texas is going to lead the way.

We will overcome CV19.

Aaaah here is is @Ceasar

The state of Vermont is among those clamping down on this. At the end of March, the state governor issued an executive order banning big-box stores from selling nonessential items.

We will tell you what you can and can’t sell in your store!

The board of commissioners in Howard County, Indiana enforced a similar rule earlier in March, which also prevented any businesses in the area that were deemed to be “essential” from selling nonessential items.

Why the shutting of many non essential businesses is a joke.


That’s one of the unwise things I’ve ever witnessed you post. Those stores are a part of each community. They buy groceries, get gas, buy insurance for their cars, buy cars, eat at restaurants, etc…

The social distancing thing is a joke. I am sorry just went to Lowes was going to buy some grass seed to patch up a spot and I didn’t even get out of the car it was so packed. People everywhere, and we all know now this is one of the most infectious diseases ever carried by 80% of people who don’t even know they have it. A report the other day from a study shown on ABC news that the true infected amount could more than 80x more than has been detected.