How to Make Democrats Regret Red Flag Laws

You missed the point. I was just being absurd to show the absurdity of these red flag laws, & I consider them unconstitutional.


And what if it was all ■■■■■■■■ and you didn’t get them back? That is where this is going and that is why there is such push back. The ability to use these laws as pointed out by the OP to show how stupid they are, is real and will happen.

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As a gun owner myself, I’ll have nothing to do with a president that would even entertain thoughts such as this, which would violate both the 2nd and 4th amendments. Who’s to say he’s not going to act on it as soon as people forget he “walked it back.”

No thanks.

Vote however you want. But I assume you realize your gun rights are in far more jeopardy from Democrats. Their constituency isn’t going to rein them in on it.


Exactly! I will not sit the fence in this election, & won’t be voting for those who plan to do away with our rights.

I see…that’s how you see it. Interesting.

Shot and killed by whom?

da law.